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The Gratitude Giveaway is here!

A boundless love….higher than the mountains……
            November is one of my favorite months, a time when many of us stand poised at the brink of the holiday season.  We savor the last days of autumn and anticipate the holiday season with wonder, joy, and thanks.  Many start shopping and decorating before the turkey is on the table but I’m old fashioned.  I like to mark each major celebration in its’ own time and way so I’m focused on Thanksgiving before I begin Christmas.
            Whether or not a feast is part of family tradition, November has become a time to give thanks, to find gratitude for all things good in our lives, for all we have and forget to fuss about what we don’t.
            Sometimes the Thanksgiving feast is on the designated Thursday.  Sometimes it’s not.  In my family, our tradition has long been an early afternoon feast so we have plenty of time to unwind after the last dish is washed, to share stories and maybe a few songs, and to spend time together.  It’s when memories are made.  This year, due to one of my daughter’s work schedules, we’ll have an earlier dinner but we’ll still enjoy the turkey, the cornbread and sage dressing handed down from my great-grandmother without a written recipe, the candied yams, and all the other trimmings. 
            Before we think about putting up the Christmas tree or decorating the house, I like to enjoy a few days away from work, time to read and enjoy leftovers and rest before the marvelous, hectic, glittering Christmas season begins.
            Since my latest full length novel, Coal Black Blues, is about family ties, about going home, and includes autumn, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I’d like to give away two eBook copies to two readers.  Entering is simple – just leave your name and email as a message here on the blog.  I’ll post links so you can follow me on Facebook for another chance to win too!Here’s the list of all the other bloggers participating in the Gratitude Giveaway Hop running November 15-30 sponsored by Book Hounds so you can make the rounds, discover new authors and enjoy old favorites. 
            You may do that here:
            Here’s the gorgeous cover and the blurb from Coal Black Blues and two excerpts  to offer a taste of the story.
            Blurb/CA death in the family and divorce brought Caroline Reaburn back to the mountains of West Virginia, to her hillbilly heritage and Coaltown. Prepared to start over in a familiar place, Caroline hadn’t expected her first love, Neil McCullough, to come back into her life and heart. Twenty years earlier, Caroline’s mother moved and took her daughter with her, breaking up the relationship and both their hearts. It’s obvious from the first time Caroline met Neil again that they still have a connection. But Neil’s got scars, inside and out, and he carries a lot of emotional baggage. There’s no doubt about the love they share but they have many obstacles to overcome, everything from Neil’s PTSD to illness and community tragedy. It’s a long, rocky road but if anyone can manage to find happiness, it’s Neil and Caroline.

Excerpt One:
Meet Neil McCullough. Army veteran. Coal Miner. And Caroline Reaburn’s first love, her true love.  They share a boundless love, higher than the mountains but in the West Virginia hills, tragedy waits to strike like a coiled rattlesnake….from my brand new release, Coal Black Blues, from Evernight Publishing
From the hardhat on his head to the boots that reached his knees, he wore miner’s gear, and from the black streaks across his face, Caroline figured he’d come straight from the mines. Twenty years had passed since she last saw him, but recognition was immediate. She knew those deep-gray eyes gazing her direction and those unruly black curls escaping beneath the hardhat.
“Neil McCullough,” she said when he halted a few feet away. “I thought you left these hills and never looked back.”
She couldn’t resist the jibe although she knew it wasn’t so. His local presence had loomed large even though they hadn’t met again until now.
His lips flexed into a grin, the old one she remembered all too well. “I might not have looked,” he drawled. “But I came back after a few years. You’re the one I thought took off for the city lights and gave up everything hillbilly.  I was sorry to hear. I heard, too, you’re planning to stay. Is it true?”
      Caroline’s breath caught and refused to release.
Oh, he looked fine, as handsome as ever if a little more world weary than he’d been at eighteen. His voice had deepened, too, but the sound of it echoed with enough familiarity to send a sharp pain through her heart.
            Excerpt Two:
“There’s trouble at the mine,” he said. “That was an explosion, probably a cave-in, too.”
He spoke with certainty, knowledge gained from his fifty years or more underground, and no one doubted his word. Several of the people at the store, jumped into vehicles, and left.
Caroline’s heart shuddered so hard within her chest she thought she might suffer a heart attack and die. She put one hand over her chest, as if she could still it. Her lungs refused to draw breath. Someone wailed, a harsh and terrible sound, but she didn’t realize she’d made it until Old Man Trevor grasped her elbow. “Hush that noise. It ain’t helpin’ nobody. Is your man up there?”
She took a breath and scraped a single word out of her mouth. “Yes.”
“Then you’d best git up there and wait,” he said. “If he comes out, he’ll want you.”
Not if, old man, when, she thought and wanted to scream the words, but she didn’t. Caroline’s breath became rapid as anxiety reigned. This, she worried, might be what Neil’s dark premonition foretold.
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A boundless love…higher than the mountains….
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