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Coming Soon: Slattery's Sin and Canaan's Land

Mark the date.  June 20, 2016.  It's a Monday, the day after Father's Day is observed in the United States.  It's also release day for my next full length novel, a romantic suspense novel set in Los Angeles and Hollywood.  Slattery's Sin will be available from World Castle Publishing in three formats, electronic, paperback, and hardback.  It's just over a month and counting.  Here's the blurb to whet reader appetites:

Living in California, working undercover is still surreal for Louisiana native Pride Slattery.  He stands out – because of his unusual name, his military service in Iraq, and even his disability.  Although he’s never quite adjusted to Los Angeles, he remains in place because he’s lost any enthusiasm for the future. One day is just like another and he’s schooled himself not to care. Things change, however, when he rescues a stolen purse for a beautiful woman, Sabetha Hill, who turns out to be from back home.  He risks his heart for the first time in years as events propel him closer to an unexpected future.  When he’s billed as a hero at a traffic accident, Pride is unmasked as a federal agent and danger looms ahead for both him and his lady.  Someone will live, someone will die, and whether or not there can be a happy ending rests in Pride’s hands.

For those who enjoy book trailers, it's here:

Next up, probably sometime in the fall, my next release, Canaan's Land, will also release from World Castle Publishing.  Here's the awesome, absolutely evocative of the story cover plus the blurb!

Canaan Moss is a farmer, a man struggling to make a living from the land his family has owned for generations.  It’s difficult to accomplish in the 21st century Ozarks in a remote corner of Missouri but he’s scraping by, one day at a time, living lonely.  He meets Kaitlin Koch, a local journalist who wants to do a feature about his farm but before it can happen, law enforcement agents descend on his farm.  He’s arrested for a marijuana field he didn’t grow and for pot stored in an old barn.  Cane’s innocent but no one except Kaitlin and his cousin believe that.  As he tries to prove his innocence, he’s shunned in the community.  After the true perpetrators break in and beat him so badly Cane ends up in the hospital, he’s in danger.  He recognized the two men who hurt him and if he doesn’t get someone to listen, he can’t clear his name and he may just end up dead.  Finding a happy ending with the woman he loves seems a remote possibility.

In the meantime, feel free to pick up any of my other titles.  There are more than twenty novels to choose from, another twenty or so novellas or shorts.  The full selection is found here:

Although I can recommend all of them, here are a few suggestions....Kinfolk, the first contact for a novel I signed six years ago this summer, is still available from Champagne Books.  The eBook is on Amazon but you can also get the paperback from the Champagne Books website.  Here's the blurb and a taste....

When Katherine Vaughn flees California, she returns home to her native Arkansas, a place she barely remembers. As she settles in at the family farm with her aunt, she finds herself growing closer to her late cousin's husband, Ben Hatfield. Ben is a lot more than the country bumpkin she first takes him to be and when the men who threatened her follow her to Arkansas he will rely on his skills as a former Navy SEAL to protect her.
As their feelings toward one another grow, so does the danger and in the end, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen or if anyone will be safe.

Katherine’s life is in jeopardy as she wonders if there is any hope left in her heart.
Kinfolk is a novel about the power of love and the strength of family ties

By day, she could set aside her problems but one night midway through October, she was too haunted to sleep. Although she turned off the lamp, the room filled with a soft, silvery light and she rose to look out. A full-bellied harvest moon illuminated the farm with a magical light. The orb was a rich butternut shade, a burnt orange that beckoned her outside. Without stopping for shoes, she dashed downstairs and outside where she let the light pour over her skin.
With face upturned to the heavens, she marveled at the beauty of the night sky. Stars dappled the heavens, dimmed by the brilliant moonlight but visible. Beneath her feet, the cold earth was solid and the wind that teased her hair carried a chill portent of winter. Powerful joy at being alive soared through her and she raised both arms as if she could enfold the heavens into her embrace.
Headlights played over her face and she blinked, the mood broken. Ben’s 1963 Chevy pickup slowed as he rolled down the window.
“Is everything all right?”
“Wonderful!” she called. “I came out to see the moonlight. Isn’t it beautiful?”
His profile in the shadows of the truck shifted and she saw him smile. “Pretty. Your feet may freeze, though. It’ll frost tonight. Don’t they have a moon in California?”
“Well, yes, they do.” She wasn’t offended; his tone was teasing.
“I bet you can’t see it through all the smog.”
With care, she took two steps closer to the truck, near enough that she could smell his cigarette smoke. Her giddy joy faded and she felt very tired. It was important, though, that he not find her foolish.
“Please don’t think I’m silly, out mooning over the moon.”
He shook his head and moved so that the moonlight illuminated his face. “I don’t think you’re silly at all, Katy. Good night.”
If he had been closer, she would have kissed him.

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