Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sweet, short, and sexy - Barefoot Bride, my latest Romance on The Go (And an Editor's Pick!)

Reluctant doesn’t begin to describe bride to be Taylea Johnson.  Dressed in her bridal finery, all she can think about is her first love, Micah “Davy” Crockett, who vanished from her life ten years ago.  She isn’t in love with Matthew Whittington III, the groom, and when the long absent Davy shows up, she’s willing to run away with him instead of getting married.  He has a lot of explanations to make and so does she but the love they once shared remains vital.  She soon learns there was much more behind his sudden departure than she knew. Both her family and the groom she left at the altar have secrets.  She has to decide whose love is true and who she will marry after all.

Barefoot Bride is my latest Romance On The Go release from Evernight Publishing.  It's designed to be a short read, maybe even in one sitting, perfect for an afternoon or evening of reading pleasure, to enjoy on the train or subway or bus during a commute, or just to read.  It's a second chance at romance story and since brides remain popular in our culture, I think it's one readers will enjoy.

Here's a little taste from the story:

The man she still loved laughed. “Then get out of that dress and let’s get gone before someone comes looking for you.  I’m not in a mood to deal with your family or answer a bunch of questions. If you trust me – if you still love me, let’s go.”

Davy jerked the veil from her head and bobby pins dropped to the floor, each with a soft ping.  Her hair tumbled free as she turned around. “Unzip me, please, then turn around.”

When he did both things, Taylea stepped out of the dress and dropped it to the floor in a shimmering pool of satin, lace, and tulle.  She reached for the clothes she’d worn to the church and pulled on the jeans, then the blouse.  “I’m dressed now, Davy.”

Above, the unmistakable notes of the wedding march began. “C’mon.”

Taylea took his offered hand, held it tight, and ran with him into the hallway.  They dashed through the kitchen and exited into the alley. “This way,” he said. He wasn’t winded but she needed to catch her breath.

“Wait, Davy,” she said.

Micah grinned. “I can’t believe you still call me that, but I like it.”
From inside the church, the music came to an abrupt halt. Any minute, she expected her parents and the wedding guests to burst outside but Davy paused. Despite the potential for discovery, he kissed her.  His mouth raked over hers with ravenous force and intense hunger.  The heat from his lips seared hers: the flame, she thought, to her candle, bright and white-hot. 

Like it? Want some more? Here are the links....and there's a small discount at both Evernight Publishing's website and on Bookstrand!

Remember, next up will be Slattery's Sin.  Don't you wonder what it is? 

Living in California, working undercover is still surreal for Louisiana native Pride Slattery.  He stands out – because of his unusual name, his military service in Iraq, and even his disability.  Although he’s never quite adjusted to Los Angeles, he remains in place because he’s lost any enthusiasm for the future. One day is just like another and he’s schooled himself not to care. Things change, however, when he rescues a stolen purse for a beautiful woman, Sabetha Hill, who turns out to be from back home.  He risks his heart for the first time in years as events propel him closer to an unexpected future.  When he’s billed as a hero at a traffic accident, Pride is unmasked as a federal agent and danger looms ahead for both him and his lady.  Someone will live, someone will die, and whether or not there can be a happy ending rests in Pride’s hands.

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