Sunday, March 27, 2016

Shhh! Sneak Peak - Slattery's Sin

What's next? In my writing world of romantic suspense and everyday love stories, it's a full length novel called Slattery's Sin. 

It will be out in early summer, probably May or June 2016, from World Castle Publishing and I'm excited about it. 

Here's the blurb:

Living in California, working undercover is still surreal for Louisiana native Pride Slattery.  He stands out – because of his unusual name, his military service in Iraq, and even his disability.  Although he’s never quite adjusted to Los Angeles, he remains in place because he’s lost any enthusiasm for the future. One day is just like another and he’s schooled himself not to care. Things change, however, when he rescues a stolen purse for a beautiful woman, Sabetha Hill, who turns out to be from back home.  He risks his heart for the first time in years as events propel him closer to an unexpected future.  When he’s billed as a hero at a traffic accident, Pride is unmasked as a federal agent and danger looms ahead for both him and his lady.  Someone will live, someone will die, and whether or not there can be a happy ending rests in Pride’s hands.

Look for an exact date and excerpts as we grow closer to release day!

In the meantime, you might enjoy one of my other titles.....

Also be on the look out for a new Romance On The Go short title, The Barefoot Bride, coming soon from Evernight Publishing!

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