Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ringing In 2016 - The Start of an Awesome Year To Come!!

2016.  I roll around the sound of it in my mouth and try to become familiar with it.  Soon, it will be but for now it remains strange.  As a child of the 20th century, I'm still not entirely accustomed to saying "Twenty-fifteen" or twenty anything.  I say it, of course, and use it but part of me remains behind when years all began with 19.  But, it is a new year and so a fresh start and a new beginning.  That's how I always like to think of it and so it is.

So far, I have one upcoming title for 2016, a full length contemporary romance Slattery's Sin, forthcoming from World Castle Publishing.  There will more but that's all I have confirmed at the moment. 

I also have, in conjunction with my good, long time friend Paul A. Herd, who writes his mystery fiction under the pen name Thomas Mulvaugh, a book signing at the ABC Bookstore in Springfield, Missouri on Saturday, January 16.

At the moment, I'm still substitute teaching although I check daily for better paying, more dependable employment.  Although I enjoy my time in the classroom when I'm allowed to actually teach and work with students, I'd prefer to put my hard earned college education into play and to earn a decent living.  Too often, I'm relegated by the absent classroom teacher to a babysitting role as I show a movie or hand out worksheets students have seen a dozen times before (crossword puzzles or busy work), or sit and watch as students "review".  I can be effective, especially in anything related to writing, communications, and literature and in all areas of history but when it's forbidden or a student rejects my expertise because I'm not the beloved classroom teacher, it's frustrating to say the least.

Although a very long way from wealthy and a stretch from even being comfortable financially, I ended 2015 in slightly better financial shape than in the past.  Yes, there is still a money crunch ongoing especially after three weeks with no subbing income to augment my husband's social security disability payments, but I also am well stocked on groceries for now.  Maybe my January royalties will arrive with speed.

I'm optimistic about the coming year and wish all the very best in health, wealth, peace and prosperity, in careers and in love.

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