Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Tale of Two Authors

Most of this post appeared as A Writer's View in the Neosho Daily News on January 20, 2016 as my weekly column.



            I like to think I live an ordinary life.  I do the mundane chores most of us do daily, laundry, cooking, a little housecleaning, and run errands.  I go the grocery store, substitute teach at school quite often, drive my son to school, drink coffee on the front porch in warmer weather, share a cup of tea with my daughter, and end my day relaxing with my husband with a book or watching a favorite show.  I also write books and stories so that sets me a little apart.  And sometimes, my view shifts to a broader one.

            On Saturday, January 16, 2016, my longtime friend, Paul Herd, and I had a joint book signing in Springfield at ABC Books.  Although he’s spent decades writing automotive books, his debut novel appeared last year, a suspenseful murder mystery titled Blood Necklace.  He brought along copies of it and took a break from writing the sequel, Blood Curse.  I had copies of my latest, Cam’s Witness as well as Saving The Sin Eater to autograph.  I think we were very excited and a little nervous about our joint event, a first for both of us.  He’s done car shows in the past and I’ve attend author fairs as well as had a few speaking venues but this was our first author book signing.

            Although we’ve kept in touch in recent years, often encouraging each other in our work, Saturday marked the first time in years we were together.  Most people might worry about some awkward moments but there were none.  From the moment I walked into the bookstore with my family, the years faded away and although we’re older, it seemed as if no time had passed at all.

Paul – who writes his fiction as Thomas S. Mulvaugh – met my family and I met his wife, Karla, for the first time.  The bookstore owner, Valerie Peaslee Earhart, couldn’t have been nicer or easier to work with.  Within moments, we all seemed like old friends even though only Paul and I knew each other before.

            Having a friend at my side made the event easier and vanquished any lingering anxiety over the event.  We met many wonderful people, including another author, and signed copies of our books.  We visited with a lot of folks, shared a little about our works and ourselves to the public and enjoyed every moment.  ABC Books is a marvelous store and I recommend it very much if you like to read.  My three kids all found books to buy and take home.  They vanished into the shelves and were never bored in the least at Mom’s book event.

            Now, Blood Necklace by Thomas S. Mulvaugh and both of my recent books are available in paperback at ABC Books.  They’re also available on Amazon and other online vendors.  Several places in Monett and Cassville (Paul’s home town) also carry his novel and local folks here can always get a copy from me.  Most of the time, I’m easy to find.

            Drawing on Paul’s marketing skills, we titled the event Romance And Murder.  And, it’s the first of several planned events.  The next will be here in Neosho on March 5th from 2 to 4 pm at One14Coffee Bar and 114 Venue.  We’ll both have books to sign and sell plus a few other little surprises for fun.  If readers already own a copy of any of our books, feel free to bring them along for an autograph.  We’ll take pictures with any readers, too and can guarantee a good time.

            Our friendship began as the 1980’s dawned at Crowder College and has endured through all the years.  On Saturday, we stepped out of our ordinary lives and became authors for a few pleasant hours.  Join us on March 5 in Neosho.  We also plan to be a part of some author events in Shell Knob and Eureka Springs.  At some point, probably when we have new releases, we’ll be back at ABC Books for an encore as well.

            The view from the author’s side of the table at a book signing is a good one, the culmination of years of hard work, a lot of words, and perseverance.

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