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Put On Your Green - The St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop is here with Quinn Sullivan!

Ireland is the land of my ancestors, a magical, mystical island filled with love and laughter.  The music ranks among my favorites and I listen regularly to Tommy Makem, The Clancy Brothers, Mary O’Hara, and more.  On St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be wearing green, cooking dishes from the old country, and remembering.  After all, I married a Murphy and my son, Patrick, is named for my late grandfather, Pat Neely, and a young man who gave his life in the long struggle for Irish freedom, Patrick O’Hara.  Although many of my heroes have at least a touch of the Irish (Callahan’s Fate, Devlin’s Grace, Love Covenant series (Love Tattoo, Love Scars, Love Knots, Love Shadows), Ronan’s Blood), I’m focusing on Quinn’s Deirdre.  Although set in my native state of Missouri, my hero is as Irish as Jameson’s whiskey.  

Quinn Sullivan hails from County Tyrone, one of the six counties in the north of Ireland still under British rule.  Most of his family remains in the small town where he grew up and although he came to the USA to seek his fortune, it’s still home.  That’s why he named his pub County Tyrone, so he’d always have a wee little piece of home.  He owns the place and runs it with the help of his uncle, Desmond.  Uncle Des, once a boxer and an IRA fighter back in the 1950’s Border War era is as tough as they come.  His nephew, however, is his soft spot.  He loves the lad as if he were his own son. 

            Before the reader meets Quinn, however, - who isn’t at his best when first seen – Deirdre takes center stage.  Deirdre, living in the WITSEC program as Mallory Marsh, longs for her beloved Quinn.  She’s stalked him and the pub online for three long years.  It bothers her that he thinks she’s dead, something she hadn’t counted on when she agreed to join the witness protection program.  Her decision to return home to him isn’t a snap judgment but something brewing for some time.  So, without any advance notice, she abandons the life she’s made and heads back to her native Kansas City – to Quinn.

            When she arrives at County Tyrone, the pub seems much the same but when she asks for Quinn, the bartender warns her he’s in a foul mood.  Deirdre can’t imagine but when she finds him, he’s well on his way to being rather drunk and she gathers it’s a common occurrence since her presumed death.  When she reveals she’s alive, his response isn’t the Hallmark movie moment she hoped for – first he figures he’s hallucinating, then he thinks she’s come to take him to heaven with her because he’s dead. 

            Their first few hours after being reunited are rough – for both of them.  It isn’t until Des comes in search of his nephew that anyone else learns Quinn’s dead love is back.  Everyone has questions but Deirdre wants time to answer them in private so they spend a few days skirting around the issues.

            When she reveals the truth to Quinn, he’s far from thrilled and when he learns the same danger which sent her running into oblivion remains, he’s scared.  But, God help him, he loves the woman and all that they once shared remains.  So they’re together again, desperate in love, and in peril.

            More about Quinn? He’s dark,, black Irish it’s often called with brilliant blue eyes the shade of sapphires or a summer Irish sky.  He’s romantic, kind hearted, but he’s also possessed of a fiery temper.  He can be cheerful or melancholy.  He made no music for three long years but after Deirdre returns, he’s back to having good craic in the pub.

            He adores his family and would lay down his life for them – or for Deirdre – if necessary.


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Three years ago, television reporter Deirdre King witnessed an organized crime hit and testified against the perpetrator.  When he threatened her and the love of her life, Quinn Sullivan, she accepted the WITSEC offer for protection and allowed them to fake her death.  Now she’s cast aside her new persona and come back to Quinn.  Her resurrection is a surprise, to say the least, but once he realizes she’s alive, the lovers reunite.  Deirdre slips back into the life at Quinn’s Kansas City pub, County Tyrone, and works alongside him and his uncle Desmond.  Quinn’s sister and family arrive from Ireland to celebrate a holiday but when the threat hits close to home, they leave.  It’s up to Deirdre, Quinn, and Desmond to face the danger – and survive.

And here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite!

Deirdre shed her jacket as she walked into his embrace.  “Quinn, do you think…”

He stopped her question with his mouth.  His urgent lips bonded with hers as heat rippled from him into her body. Quinn kissed her with slow intensity, each fondle of his mouth against hers brimming with passion.  He didn’t hurry but took his time with deliberate and apparent pleasure. 

Deirdre leaned against him and he held her in place with one arm around her waist.  Quinn cupped the other hand behind her head, up beneath her long hair.  His grip heightened her sense of total security and his insistent mouth wiped away any other thought.  She forgot about April’s big mouth and the reporter asking around as she yielded to him.

No barriers remained between them, nothing unresolved, and love flowed with the powerful tide of a spring flood.  They kissed and nibbled and tongued for a long time but as need increased, their hands roamed.  Bit by bit, they undressed, their clothing falling to the floor in a trail leading to the bedroom.  By the time they collapsed into a tangle on the bed, Quinn’s hands caressed her from face to feet.  He lingered at her hips and ran his fingers up her back, evoking a series of thrills.  Deirdre touched him too, everywhere she could reach.  She worked his nipples one at a time with thumb and forefinger until they hardened. Then Deirdre fastened her mouth over them and suckled until he squirmed with delight.  She tickled him, tasted him, and teased her fingertips down his belly.  Deirdre wrapped her hand around his cock, solid and hard within her grasp. 

“Ah, god, woman,” he moaned.

She’d dreamed of doing it many times and replayed old memories.  Deirdre lowered her head and her hair fanned out across Quinn’s thighs as she took him into her mouth.  She sucked on his cock, then moved her lips up and down. The friction, although she kept it gentle, made him groan with wordless pleasure.   Deirdre shifted position and lowered onto his dick.  She rode him, her pace gentle. 

As she rocked him, Quinn fondled her breasts, his hands tweaking her nipples and sliding downward to rub her clit.  Sensations spread a warm, erotic contentment through her body but as her need increased, she quickened her movements.  Within moments, she rode him hard and fast. 

Quinn penetrated deeper within, as far as possible and they rocked to the same intense rhythm.  They linked hands and held tight as they came in a rush of blinding physical pleasure. Deirdre cried out at the final moment, and Quinn reared up to quiet her with a kiss.  Explosive aftershocks radiated waves of delight as she collapsed against his chest, spent, sated, and smiling.

Quinn wrapped his arms around her and she lay, content to listen to his heartbeat as his breathing slowed back to normal.  He stroked her hand with a lazy hand and rubbed her back with the other.  Mo ghra,” he whispered. “I love ye and that ‘twas the most intense, beautiful lovin’ I’ve ever known.”


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