Saturday, January 3, 2015

Welcome to 2015! What Lies Ahead.....

It's a brand new year, the calendars have been changed, and 2015 has been launched.  What this year will hold is a mystery although I have hopes and dreams.  Of course, none of us ever know.  When 2014 was just days old, one of my publishers (Rebel Ink Press) dropped me and returned all of my titles to me.  It might have seemed a crushing blow to many authors but I saw it as an opportunity and although it took hard work to regroup and re-launch, it proved to be a good thing.  During 2014, I sold more titles, earned the highest royalties from Evernight Publishing, and saw several of my titles earn bestselling rankings.  When last year dawned, I didn't expect I'd spend part of my summer in New York City or that I'd fall hard for the city.  I thought I might like it but I loved it.  I found family ties, what aboriginal people would call song lines there and I will return.  Nor did I expect I'd make two trips to the Washington DC area.  In any given year, things change, and I hope 2015 will be a year of new goals reached, a time of happiness, health and prosperity.

My first title out this year will be another Patrice Wayne historical, A Desperate Destiny, from Evernight Publishing.  Other upcoming titles from Evernight also include Callahan's Fate, a contemporary romance set in NYC and Fire Rescue plus another Patrice Wayne title, Valley So Low.  Another has been subbed and I'm waiting to hear.

Also, my long awaited Saving The Sin Eater will be out from World Castle Publishing.  I'm working on edits as we speak.

I'm continuing to substitute teach but I'm also looking for something more permanent, some more lucrative if possible.  It's hard in this economy - here in my corner of the world, the economic recovery hasn't really touched most people - and in a small town but I'm trying. 

2014 saw me win an Evernight Reader's Choice award in the suspense category for Ryker's Justice and a runner up award in the interracial for Pink Neon Dreams.

Happy New's hoping for the best in 2015!

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