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Summer Reading Season - Quite The Catch and More!!

Summer! It’s the season of sandals and shorts, swimming and beaches, lakes and rivers, amusement parks and big city attraction, travel and so much more.  For many of us, summer brings a slower pace and more time to read.  If you’re looking forward to diving into some new reads, I have several upcoming.  The first comes out this week from Evernight Publishing, a fast-paced romantic suspense called Quite The Catch.  It releases on Thursday, May 29 – here’s the blurb, cover, and excerpt:


Cherokee Federal Marshall Joshua Jericho Jenkins had a split second to choose his fate.  When he jumped from a railroad trestle into the river below, he could have died but if he hadn’t leapt, the men chasing him would have killed him for sure.


He’s rescued from the water by a nurse, Tina Barlow, who’s out scattering her grandfather’s ashes.  She takes him home and tends to his injuries.  He’s also suffering from hypothermia and she does whatever’s necessary, including using her body heat to warm him. As Joshua recovers, they’re falling in love fast.

Some short-term memory issues rise but once he remembers who he is and what he was doing, things take a dangerous turn.  Without time to properly prepare, Joshua and Tina face a gang of criminals and by the time the gunfire ends, lives will be lost.  Whose and what the future holds is anybody’s guess.


            Awareness crept back in slow stages.  He basked with warmth, so comfortable he didn’t want to move or open his eyes.  As he roused, pain struck.  His lower left side burned with sharp discomfort and his body ached.  So did his head—he owned the mother of all headaches and he struggled to recall why.  He didn’t think he’d been drinking but something had happened to land him in bed.  Maybe he’d fallen sick or been injured but he couldn’t remember.

            He opened his eyes and frowned.  The strange room offered coziness in a rustic fashion.  The pine-knotted paneled walls, the plain white muslin curtains at the window, and the colorful patchwork quilt over him lacked any familiarity.  Where am I?

            Before he could collect his thoughts, someone spoke, a woman from beside the bed.

            “Hi, how do you feel?”

            “I hurt like hell,” he told her.  He didn’t think he knew her until he caught sight of her wide, beautiful blue eyes.  Somewhere, sometime he’d seen those before.

            “I’m sure you do, Joshua.”

            Joshua? The name failed to ring any bells. “Who?”

            She frowned. “Isn’t that your name?”

            His lips parted to tell her it wasn’t but he paused, uncertain.  Nothing came when he tried to summon his name from his brain. “I don’t know.”

            “You told me it was when I fished you out of the river.”

            “What river?” Shit. He didn’t know the answers to anything. The woman offered him a smile.

“Poteau River. Apparently you don’t remember.  Don’t worry about it.  You hit your head on the boat pretty hard so temporary amnesia isn’t uncommon But you’re north of Poteau and south of Spiro at the moment.”

            Maybe not, but the idea scared the bejesus out of him.  He tossed back the covers to get out of bed and search for his clothing. When he did, he realized he wore nothing but skin. But somewhere he must have a driver’s license or wallet or something.  

            The woman frowned and flipped the blankets over him. “You’re not getting up until we get your core temperature back to normal.  Let me get the thermometer.”

            Before he could process any of it or respond, she whipped out a device and loomed over him. “You’re not sticking that in my mouth,” he told her. “No way, lady.”

            “Tina,” she said. “My name’s Kristina but everyone calls me Tina. And, not to worry, that’s not where it goes.” She thrust the device into his right ear and used her free hand to hold his head still.  After the thing beeped, she pulled it out and looked at it. “You’re getting warmer but it’s still just 96.5.”

            Digital, he thought, the damn thing is digital. “What’s my temperature got to do with anything?”

            “You’re suffering from hypothermia,” Tina said. “I treated it first because it was the most critical but you’ve got a lot of other injuries.  Like I said, you banged your head pretty hard.  You were wounded in the left side, more of a graze than anything, although I imagine it hurts.  And you’re bruised all over your body from your wild trip down the river, not to mention your fall from the railroad bridge.”

            Either he had lost his mind or she had. For now, he didn’t believe any of it.  His body hurt, yeah, but more like he’d gotten into the losing end of a bar fight.  “I don’t think that’s what happened.”

            Tina shrugged. “Well, it is.  Now, I have no idea why you were running or who was chasing you, but I saw you jump from the trestle and hit the river myself.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t believe it either.”

            Joshua glared at her.  Her blue eyes met his, open and candid.  He liked the way her dark brown hair tapered around her face, chin length and straight.  Damn, but she’s pretty for a crazy gal. “I don’t remember any of that and I’d think I would.”

            “You should, within a day or two. If you don’t, we’ll deal with it then.


Also coming soon is Ryker’s Justice, also from Evernight, Jove’s Passion (book one of the Immortal Love series), also Evernight, and Gray’s Good Samaritan from Astraea Press.  More on the way as well include The Comanche Vampire and Carnival Glass.  Here’s the unedited blurb for Ryker’s Justice:

Home for Jude Ryker is the rugged Ozark Mountains.  When he returns as a Department of Justice agent to investigate a major moonshine operation, he doesn’t share his assignment with anyone.  As far as the locals know, he’s back, like a bad penny.  While he digs into the case for ATF, he puts in time as a handyman at a local inn. When he meets guest Nicole McAdoo, he wants more and before long, they in a relationship.  He shares first with Nicole, then with his family his true purpose. When he uncovers the truth about the moonshiners, things get serious and could prove deadly – for them both.

In the meantime, you can also read some of my previous titles including the bestselling Pink Neon Dreams or Stranger Danger, Quinn’s Deirdre, Byrd’s Desire or Love Tattoo!

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