Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coming soon....sharing cover art and more!

Anticipation can be both sweet and frustrating.  I know I'm always looking forward to something upcoming....and new releases are one of my favorites.  By the time a release comes out,, I'm writing furiously on something else but I'm delighted to see cover art and do all I can to launch the newest into the world!

Here's the gorgeous cover for my next up from Evernight interracial, shape shifter romance I think my readers (and maybe some new ones as well) will enjoy....


When Cajun gal Celia Lecompte leaves Louisiana for her cousin’s ranch in Oklahoma, she wants nothing more than to put her past behind her and plan for the future. She’s sworn off men so romance isn’t in the picture. When her cousin warns her to watch out for the Thunderbird, a mythical creature, she’s sure Angelique is joking until she catches a glimpse of something she can’t explain.  Then, one night while cooking up a pot of gumbo, a dark and mysterious man knocks on the door.  He sweeps her into a sizzling kiss, she shares her down home Cajun cooking and her bed by mutual desire.  Although she’s not sure who he is, she wants him in every way possible.  Byrd has a secret, however, and when he reveals it, he makes a request.  When she accepts it, her life and heart will be transformed forever!

Also coming soon....Ryker's of my indie titles.....

Home is where the justice starts…and home for Jude Ryker is the rugged Ozark Mountains.  When he returns as a Federal special agent to investigate a deadly moonshine operation, he doesn’t share his assignment with anyone.  As far as anyone knows, he’s back, like a bad penny.  While he digs into the case for ATF, he also puts in his time as a handyman at a local inn and when he meets guest Nicole McKenna, he wants more.  Their relationship develops although she remains ignorant of the duty that brought him back to the hills but when he uncovers the truth about the moonshiners, things get serious and could prove deadly – for them both.

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