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Share An Intimate Moment Between Harry and Maude - new from Hear The Wind Blow, Love!!

Writing for me can be intense.  I tend to get involved with the characters, the story on a deep and often emotional level.  I can’t choose a favorite out of all my novels and stories.  Asking me is like being asked which of my children is my favorite – it’s an unanswerable question because each is different but I have deep feelings for each of them.  That said, however, my recent release, another historical romance, Hear The Wind Blow, Love ranks high on my list of favorites at the moment.  I’ve shared the first chapter on the blog, various scenes in a number of places but here’s one of my favorite intimate moments from the book, a scene which takes place after some tragic losses Harry and Maude both must share and bare the brunt of – together.

 Here's the excerpt:

Death weighed her down, heavy as a stone.  Before she could yield to the intense sadness of tragedy, Maude’s body reacted in a way as old as time.  Life, it seemed, conquered death and she needed a reminder or she’d drown in sorrow.  Desire began in her loins and spread faster than a forest fire.  If Harry didn’t love her now, she’d die and join the others out in the graveyard.  Maude took a step forward and thrust toward him.
            “Make love to me, Harry,” she said.  “I need you.”
            He never hesitated.  His mouth came down to meet hers with the force of a sudden thunderstorm, wild and powerful.  Their lips latched tight and held fast.  Heat leaped between them with intensity and liquid honey replaced the blood in Maude’s veins.  Her nipples ached for release and the cleft between her legs turned wet.  Although they’d shared the pleasures of the flesh many times, Maude’d never sought sex with such reckless abandon or intense need.  He kissed her, his mouth hot and harsh, but she French kissed him, tongue darting into his mouth with erotic speed.  Her searching hands undid his galluses and unbuttoned his shirt.  She tweaked his nipples with enough force Harry winced but he pulled away her dress with the same crazy need.  He kissed his way down her throat, pausing to nibble and leave love bites.  Each nip sent a wave of pleasure through her body and increased her desire.
            Harry caressed her body, kneaded her breasts like bread dough, and suckled her nipples one at a time. Maude raked her short fingernails across his back and he groaned aloud.  Everything happened in a rush of want and wet and incredible hurry as Harry backed her up against the table and hiked her body up enough to give him entry.
            He rammed into her with a powerful thrust, strong enough to penetrate into her core.  It rocked her but brought her to come so fast tears blinded her eyes and Maude struggled to breathe.  Harry filled her, consumed her, and took her to the distant stars.  His thorough fuck wiped away the grief, the loss, and banished death for the moment.  He took the victory and gave it to her.  By the time he climaxed too, Harry supported her half in the air as he pumped life into her.  He grunted and when he came he moaned aloud with such release, Maude found air enough to laugh.  Harry joined her and they rode the physical sensation back to earth with a chorus of laughter.
            Weak kneed and trembling Maude slipped from his grasp. He tried to catch her but she ended up on the floor shrieking with mirth and release.  Harry lifted her up, his garments awry and held her, tender and tight this time. “I needed it,” he whispered. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”
            “No, Harry, not at all,” Maude answered. She’d gloried in their loving like a wanton but she felt no shame, just joy.

Here’s the blurb:

When the Armistice ends the Great War in November 1918, the end comes too late to save Maude Whitney’s husband, Jamie.  But Maude realizes her heart still belongs to Harry, her brother-in-law who courted her first.  He’s been her rock in Jamie’s absence while they shared quarters with the grandparents who raised the brothers. But Granpa died and Granny moved to town so when Maude invites him to move back under the same roof, it’s sure to be a scandal in the rural Ozarks.

Before gossiping tongues can spread the news, the Spanish influenza wreaks havoc in the area.  It brings death close to home for Maude and Harry.  As they fall deeper in love and plan to wed, their troubles are just beginning.  Old feuds erupt and the day after Christmas, Harry’s hauled into custody and accused of a murder he didn’t commit.  Harry must prove his innocence and survive a serious bout of flu or there’s no happy ending for the star-crossed couple
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