Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birthday Week For My Son!

Twelve is a significant number.  It’s not just twelve but it’s also known as a dozen.  Roses are sold by the dozen and so are eggs.   Donuts and cookies are often sold by the dozen.  There were twelve Disciples, twelve tribes of Israel, an even dozen zodiac signs, we have twelve months of the year, and some of our favorite beverages are sold in twelve packs.  Golf balls, I believe, come in a package of a dozen and at one time or another, depending on the manufacturer so do dozens of other products. When you’re a kid marking your twelfth birthday this week, twelve is definitely special and you’ll find a dozen candles on your cake.
My son Patrick is that kid.  Twelve years ago on March 21, 2001, my son was born on the first day of spring.  After a pregnancy in which the medical professionals focused on my age (thirty nine) Patrick’s birth was both swift and normal.  When he got ready to make his entrance into the world, he arrived.  He didn’t need any prompting to cry but he stopped as soon as they put him in my arms.  When the staff removed him to be cleaned up, he howled in protest until they returned him, wrapped tight in a blanket.
Everyone said Patrick was an attractive baby and he’s grown into a handsome young man.  With every year, my son looks more and more like my dad when he was a boy.  Since I can remember my dad as a young man still in his twenties, I can now often see my father in my son’s face.  I look forward to watching the resemblance increase in the future.
It’s hard to believe a dozen years have come and passed so swiftly.  The baby boy placed into my arms on that March day is now a tall young man.  He’s grown so much in recent months he now stands just about a chin level to me and I have no doubt he’ll soon tower over me.  He’s the only one of my three children who is not yet taller than I am. 
My daughters began school the year Patrick was born so my son and I spent the days of his baby and toddler era together.  When we still lived in the country, Patrick and I walked up to meet the school bus each evening in all weathers.  While we waited and sat on the bench my husband had placed at the end of the drive, we talked about the sky, the various critters we came across, the weather and more.  I don’t know if that could be a factor but Patrick has a deep interest in science.  His knowledge far outshines mine in that particular area.
Patrick, between our move into town and the opening of Carver Elementary, managed to attend three grade schools before he reached his present educational home of Neosho Middle School.  In his first two years of school, kindergarten and first grade, he attended those three different schools and handled the transitions with what seemed to be pure male aplomb.
Some of his interests have changed over the past few years and others remain constant.  But this week as our family celebrates Patrick’s twelfth birthday, I’m living in the moment and yet I can also see the man I believe he will grow into being one day.
Happy birthday, son, and dozens upon dozens more.

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  1. I hope he had a wonderful birthday!
    A lovely post about your son. :)


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