Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing In 2013

 2013 is here.  I always liken a brand new year to a blank sheet of paper.  Life marches on no matter what the date but there always seems to be new opportunities for change and growth as we transition from one year to the next.  On New Year’s Eve I spend a little time in reflection of the year ending and it’s always a marvel to me things which happened I never expected. 

 My expectations for the coming year exist.  I’m not much of one to make New Year’s resolutions, simply because they are so often broken and forgotten. I tend to be one to plan and dream rather than make idle promises.

 On the writing front, I know I will have at least seven new titles this year, all under contract and most in process.  I hope to add more to that number including the latest submission I made just in time to kick off the New Year.  My titles coming up in 2013 begin this month with a historical novella, Ronan’s Woman on the 17th, followed by two other novellas in February, Three of Hearts and The Widow’s End.  On March 3rd, my full-length novel Urban Renewal will be out from Champagne Books and on April 17th, The Sin Eater’s Redemption, also full length, will release from Rebel Ink Press.  As part of the Rebel Ink Press Elite team in 2013, the remainder of my titles this year will be from Rebel Ink including Small Town Love Story and Pink Neon

 Although some authors settle into a niche, I write what the muse gives.  One of my taglines is that I write “from sweet to heat”.  I also write both contemporary and historical romance, delving into sub-genres like romantic suspense and the occasional paranormal romance.

 On Facebook, by some cyber magic, they decided the twenty biggest events of my year just past and allowed me to share.  I don’t think I might have selected the same events but it was interesting to see what was highlighted, what was not.  I noticed I’ve added more than 1300 friends this year on Facebook and my total is well over three thousand.  It makes it harder for me to keep up with family and friends but thanks to being able to have groups, such as one for family, things become a little simpler.  I’ve made some amazing connections on Facebook with people from my life and with colleagues.  Keeping up with family members scattered literally around the world is amazing to me but I enjoy it very much.

 Ring in 2013 and hold tight for the changes sure to come. I wish good things to befall all of you and let 2013 be remembered as a happy year, good times for all.  And let us remember the past as our foundation.

 Happy new year and may your dreams, your hopes come to pass in 2013!


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