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One word often describes the holiday season: magic.  Even though most of us find ourselves running fast in an effort to keep up with the increased activities, entertainments, and events we want to believe in magic.  Maybe it dates back to our childhoods when the sparkle of Christmas lights strung on the tree or the appearance of Santa Claus made magic come alive.

I suppose most kids believe in Santa at one point in their life although I’ve known a few parents who wouldn’t let the legend live for their broods.  My own belief in the jolly old elf exceeded the basic expectations but then I have a very good reason for that – Santa Claus is my uncle.

My Uncle Bill Puett put aside his everyday life as a delivery route man for Just-Rite Dairy in my hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri each December.  Since he happened to be a large man year round, he fit the physical description to perfection and his demeanor happened to be both cheerful and giving.  He started out playing Santa for some dairy promotions back in the day when Just-Rite featured special ice cream novelties for the holidays. Their individual serving size Christmas trees, Santa faces, and big ice cream cakes were a hit in northern Missouri and Uncle Bill promoted them well.

He enjoyed the role so much he bought his own Santa Claus suit and before long, he filled those black boots like the real deal.  I bought into the entire Santa thing with a whole heart as a young child.  Why wouldn’t I when on a routine trip to a local supermarket Santa Claus himself approached me and called me by name?  Or how about the Christmas Eve evening visit from my Aunt Janet who just happened to run across Santa Claus out on the walk and invite him to come in with her? 

So I grew up believing in Santa, hanging onto the mystery and magic a little longer than most kids probably do.  And even when I learned the story of Santa Claus embodies the spirit of love and giving, I still believed in the magic if not the man.

Believing in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is an important factor in my 2011 Christmas release from Rebel Ink Press.  In Sing We Now of Christmas, my heroine is a young bride whose beloved husband fails to return from a Fourth of July fishing trip and is presumed dead.  She doesn’t buy it and so she waits with hope in her heart for Christmas, the season when they first met for a miracle.  If I hadn’t believed in Santa, then maybe I couldn’t believe in hope either.  Stay tuned for an excerpt and links!

And there’s a little magic in this year’s holiday release from Rebel Ink Press, Home Fires of Christmas. Although it’s a short, it still packs something of holiday hope and magic, hearkens to the idea of believing and the notion unexpected things can happen at Christmas!

Here’s the link to all the others participating in this awesome hop.  I’m giving away a $5 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner so he or she can pick which of my Christmas themed reads to buy (or anything else!)

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              He pulled her tighter against him and his mouth touched hers, light at first and then with strength.  Johnny engulfed her the way that floodwaters take over farmland, consumed her like a hungry man at a banquet and fired her like a tiny ember sparks a candle flame against the night.  His warm lips took hers, caressed them and made her whole again.   In his arms, her mouth on his, Jessica burned with passion, a fever that no one else could cure.   Her head swam with such dizzy delight that when he stumbled they both almost headed down the stairs.   He caught her up in his arms and carried her into the apartment, kicking the door shut behind him with one boot.

            In one graceful shrug, he slid out of the snow covered jacket and it dropped to the floor.  Jessica unsnapped his shirt, one slow snap at a time, her hands burrowing beneath it to touch flesh.  He slipped her out of her black jeans and pulled that red sweater over her head, catching her hair and tousling it but she didn’t care.  Before it joined his jean jacket on the carpet, a splash of red beside the blue, she unzipped his jeans and let them slide down to his ankles.  Johnny stepped out of them, removing his briefs in the same motion and he caught her to him, kissing her this time until he robbed her breath.

            Her hands roamed over his body, touching bone beneath the flesh, marveling at how lean he was now although he’d not been fat before.  His scars beneath her sensitive fingertips made her want to cry for him but that could wait because the living force that seared them both wouldn’t be denied.

            That first time, he took her there, still standing, entering her with a roughness she liked and filling her with his cock.   Jessica bent backward, balanced against the edge of the couch so he could go deeper and when he did, she cried out with the pleasure of it.   He came like a shot, fast and true, and they both shouted together in a wordless cry.  Legs wobbly, knees weak, she leaned against him for support and he snatched her up into his arms, took her to the bedroom.

            “More,” he whispered, “I need more.”

            She made no protest but writhed against him in need.  That undeniable flame roared again between them, older than time, sweeter than heaven, stronger than death and they coupled, coming together twice more before they lay, legs wrapped together, arms across one another, sated for now.

From Sweet to Heat: The Romance of Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Blog: Rebel Writer: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

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  8. HI Leeann,
    Your uncle must have loved you very much to dress up like Santa Claus. I wish more families carried on your uncle's tradition. When my nephew told me that in his elementary school, they can't celebrate Christmas because some of the children don't celebrate the holiday, it depressed me. How could families not do like yours? Santa Claus should be shared by everyone. I wish other families thought like yours and I hope yours continues in your uncle's footsteps. I like the tradition, if I may so.

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