Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Encounters of A Close Kind - coming November 3 from Rebel Ink Press

We all remember Close Encounters of The Third Kind even if we're not into sci-fi.  And since I love words, sometimes I like to play with words just a little.  I came up with the title for my upcoming short release from Rebel Ink Press before I wrote one word - which is backwards from what I do most of the time.  But Three Encounters of A Close Kind had such a ring to it, I loved it so I started writing.

It releases November 3, this coming Saturday and it's the perfect length to enjoy on a weekend afternoon, on a commute, while waiting or anywhere.   Here's the cover photo which I adore (thank you Carl J. Franklin):

And here's the blurb:
When Carisa puts on her stilettoes, she feels empowered to face a blind date. She doesn't expect much - until her best friend opens the door to gorgeous hunk Alex Milton. As their first date unfolds, Carisa finds he shares many of her same tastes and they connect in every possible way including down and dirty with a wild, unexpected sexual connection. A second date confirms their attraction and she adores his house, a vintage bungalow furnished with antiques and eclectic items. By the time their third formal date rolls around, they're both ready for something more and Carisa finds maybe she can believe in true love, something she didn't think existed in the real world. Until now.
How about an excerpt, just a teaser taste to whet appetites until Saturday? Why not - here goes:
            As they walked hand in hand down the gravel pathway, she inhaled the sweet fragrance of hundreds of roses in full bloom.  Silver moonlight filtered down between brilliant stars to reflect from the lake surface.  A soft night breeze brushed her face and Carisa allowed the happiness within to erupt into a smile.  She laughed with a quiet tinkle and when they reached the white gazebo in the center of the rose garden Alex led her up the steps.  Within the circular structure, he put his arms around her.
            “Would you care to dance?” he asked in his marvelous voice.
            Certain she must be dreaming, Carisa nodded and he began to hum a lovely melody.  She followed his lead without tripping over her feet and they twirled with grace.  They danced and with each step, her attraction increased.  His scent made her crazy, tightened her nipples and moistened her inner cleft between her legs.  She longed to unbutton the proper dress shirt he wore to see if his chest boasted a mat of hair as dark as on his head and to unzip his trousers.  Desire poured through her, heady as a potent wine.
            Alex slowed and stopped.  He wasn’t humming any longer as he tipped her head back into the curve of his arm.  “You’re so pretty,” he whispered, his breath peppermint scented.  “I had no idea what to expect.  Most blind dates, hell, most of my dates go wrong somehow, but this feels right, Carisa.  If I’m going too fast for you, though, speak up.”
            “Don’t slow down,” she told him. “Just kiss me.”
            Whatever magic she sensed between them, he felt, too.  He pulled her closer and his mouth came down on hers with a powerful surge of energy.  Alex’s mouth tasted sweet and his lips burned with an intense heat.  His deep kiss sent fever through her body followed by sweet chills as Carisa quivered with pleasure.  Alex evoked a physical response in Carisa, a wild abandon.  Although she could be almost shy at times, she became a vixen with the right prompt and he delivered one. 
            As she kissed him back, her hands raked his hair and caressed it, tousled it.  Every sensation rippled through her body with electric effect and aroused her more.  Her nipples hardened beneath the thin red fabric of her dress, so enlarged they ached.  Carisa worked one hand between them and fumbled loose the buttons of his shirt, one at a time.  Beneath the cotton material Alex wore no undershirt and as she figured thick, dark hair covered his chest.  She fingered it and then tweaked his nipple.  It stiffened at her touch and where their bodies met his cock went rigid against her twat.  Its pulsing, pressing hardness fired her erotic need. In the heels, she stood at the right height to match him stroke for stroke.
            As his tongue arrowed into her mouth in a sizzling kiss which robbed her breath and what remained of restraint, Carisa lowered her hand to the bulge in his crotch.  She stroked him and he moaned.  With haste she found his zipper and undid it, then reached up to unfasten his belt buckle.  Once revealed, she discovered he’d gone commando and nothing remained between her hand and his swollen cock.  Carisa cupped his balls in her hand and with the other she stroked him. 
            Alex smoldered and moaned at her touch.  His sounds of pleasure fueled her desire to do more so she griped his manhood in her fist.  Then Carisa ran her closed fingers up and down his shaft, hard enough to create friction, but with enough gentle caresses to make it feel good.  Alex put his hands on her shoulders and lowered the straps of her dress to bare her bosom.  When his large hands stroked her breasts, the sensations claiming her body were intense and marvelous.  Her body melted at his touch and a growing urgent need for more turned her greedy.
            When he suckled her nipple between his lips, his teeth raked her flesh with sensual electricity.  Carisa thought she’d faint with the intense sensation.  With what self-possession she could muster, she increased her grip on his cock.  About the time she decided if it got any harder it might just burst open or shatter the way good pottery did when dropped, Alex grasped her waist.
            “Now,” he said in a voice harsh with breathlessness. “Now or I’ll die.”
            “Yes,” she moaned.
            He backed her up to one of the benches ringing the outer walls of the gazebo and lifted her skirt.  As Carisa scooted back to brace against the bench Alex stripped away her silk panties, just a scrap of material.  He bent her legs backward and she spread them, as eager as he to connect.  Her cunt radiated warmth and a rush of wetness lubricated it.  Alex got into position and thrust into her, hard and fast.  The walls of her pussy tightened to stroke his dick on entry and she clenched her ass to pull him deeper.  He wove in and out of her, each stroke sending a burst of pure physical pleasure radiating through her body.  Alex filled her body and touched her soul.

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