Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanks, Thanks and More Thanks!!!!!

I want to thank all the readers and everyone who came by the blog during the Evernight Publishing Birthday Blog hop over the past week! You are all amazing and I appreciate each and every one of you so much.  After all, without readers, I wouldn't have anyone to write stories for, would I?

I've got many projects in the works and things coming up in the future so stay tuned, please.

            I’ve ridden roller coasters I loved and roller coasters I hated.  I’ve been scared into screaming like a banshee, fingers gripping the safety bar until my knuckles turned white and I’ve laughed throughout the short, wild ride on other occasions.  I know a few roller coasters well enough to anticipate the turns, the drops, the twists, and the loops.  But a new roller coaster often scares the socks right off from my feet.  I’ve decided Forrest Gump had it wrong with his homespun philosophy ‘life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you might get’.  Instead, I’ve come to the conclusion life is more like a roller coaster – hang on for the ride and enjoy because you never know what’s next.
            October usually puts me in a philosopher’s mood.  Maybe it’s the change of season, the shift from summer into the slower pace of autumn.  Something about the bright blue skies and cooler breezes appeals to me.  October is also my birth month so maybe it’s natural to reflect and take stock. 
               I couldn’t have imagined two years ago what my life is like today.  Writing is now my full-time focus – for the present anyway – and other lifestyle changes have happened, some great, some unexpected but its life.   My first collection of related stories, Kosovo Tales: Two Hearts, One Love just debuted a few days ago from Rebel Ink and I have four more titles this year – another Romance On The Go title coming from Evernight in November, Movie Star Magic.Three Encounters of A Close Kind, November 3, Devlin’s Grace, November 17, and The Home Fires of Christmas, December 3.  And yes, there’s more planned for 2013 now and more in the works.
           I’m enjoying the ride! Like a roller coaster, it has its’ ups and downs but damn, its fun. And I'm so glad all of you are along for the ride!

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