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Join The Evernight Publishing Birthday Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Evernight Publishing birthday blog hop!  I'm Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (for those who may not know me yet) and I write for Evernight.

Evernight Publishing opened its doors two years ago. In those two years we’ve signed over one hundred and sixty authors and published over three hundred books. From paranormal to contemporary, we’ve had more best sellers than we can count and made thousands of people smile, sigh and gasp. So, as a thank you to all our readers and everyone who has supported us, we’re holding this blog hop and we have a whole lot of prizes to offer you.

Here's how it works... the more blogs you hop to (shown below) the more chance you have of winning prizes. Each author on the hop is offering a prize and Evernight is offering the following grand prizes, a Kindle, a $100 Amazon gift certificate, two Evernight swag bags (which includes a tote, a tee, vouchers, a mug and other coolness) and a personalized Facebook banner. To be in with a chance of winning the author prize simply follow the blog you're visiting and leave a comment which includes your email address. Each entry on each blog is then counted towards the grand prize draw. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning a grand prize! You also get extra points for liking the Evernight Facebook page Just make sure you let us know in the comments that you've done so.

Good luck and happy hopping!

Here's the link for all the other Evernight authors but don't leave yet - you'll want to check out the prizes I'm giving away here on the blog and indulge in a couple of excerpts!  And don't forget to leave a comment including your email address so I can contact the winners at the end of the week long celebration!!

I'm giving away a copy of each of my Evernight Publishing Romance on the Go titles, Red In The Hood and An Emerald Heart.  Here are the super covers for both and then an excerpts from each!

 From An Emerald Heart

If Ash had asked her to guess what part of the sprawling urban area he called home, Maya might’ve thought Malibu or out toward Santa Monica.  But he didn’t ask or even offer a hint.  As he traveled the network of freeways and busy thoroughfares, her head spun with the possibilities and she speculated with extreme curiosity what his home might be like.  She considered a bungalow, a stucco Spanish villa, even something modern abounding with steel and glass––but the house where Ash parked his restored Packard was none of them.

The vintage Craftsman house peered down at the winding street through a screen of delightful foliage and looked over a short wall.  As they followed the winding brick pathway to the front door, tucked away through a green wrought iron gate, Maya gaped with wonder.  Tropical greenery grew tall and strong beside trumpet vines, exotic lilies, and a bed of Sweet William.  Vines twined around posts, many bearing fragrant blossoms.  Storybook was the word Maya came up with to describe it, and she spoke her opinion aloud. “It’s like a fairy tale cottage,” she exclaimed. “It’s lovely.”

“You haven’t seen the inside yet,” Ash said. “Or the back gardens, the two patios or the pool. You might change your mind.”

“I don’t think so,” Maya said.

When Ash unlocked the door and they stepped into the entryway, she wasn’t disappointed.  Hardwood floors glistened with fresh polish and antique white woodwork gleamed.  He led her through a living room with a beautiful white fireplace and mantle––a room of luxury and comfort, with mirrors and track lighting.  Maya tried to drink in everything: the formal dining room, the library through a pair of French doors, the compact yet state-of-the-art kitchen, and a cozier room, which led outside.  Even through the paned glass Maya saw the burgeoning gardens.  Ash paused with one hand on the door.  “Would you like to go outside first?” he asked, formal and yet somehow sensual. “Or would you prefer to see the view from the master bedroom first?”

Her heart pounded, wild and erratic. “I think I’d like to see the bedroom, Ash.”

Every breath of oxygen in the room vanished and she swore the walls moved inward, making the space smaller until nothing remained but Maya and Ash.  He spread his arms open in invitation and Maya, without a moment’s hesitation, strolled into them as if his embrace had been her planned destination for a long time.  Although her body surged to life as every cell alerted the next to the wanton flood of desire spreading through her veins, Maya’s perception shifted into slow, delicious motion.  Standing within the circle of his arms, she met his green gaze with her blue one and stared, her soul seeking his.  With the graceful finesse of a high diver poised on the highest board, Maya dropped and left behind all artifice, all pretension and every scrap of shyness.

By the time Ash drew her closer and put his lips against hers, Maya lowered all defenses.  Her body burned with the fervent flame of a lit candle against the night, illumination against darkness.  Heat seared her from his mouth.  His lips were fire, dangerous and yet life-giving, and she yielded to him without remorse.  His mouth stirred her body into a seething and tense stew.  Her breasts perked up at his proximity and her nipples, even before he tweaked first one and then the other with dexterous thumbs, hardened.  Between her legs, Maya’s pussy warmed and softened, the inner walls melting to accept Ash when the moment arrived.

From Red In The Hood:

Tamara shook her head. “No but thanks. I don’t want to be any trouble or make a fuss.”

            He laughed. “Uh-huh.  You’re always trouble, Tamara but I love you anyway.”

            His words hit her hard.  Tamara savored them and yet they hurt.  To avoid any more pain, she did what she always did – prepared to run.  She stood up. “I guess I’d better go.  You don’t have to walk me there. I can find my way.”

            With speed he stood up too. “I’m not letting you walk through this neighborhood at this time of night.”

            Before she could protest or say anything Wulfric kissed her.  His mouth latched onto hers with familiarity and need.  Tamara responded, her lips crackling with sudden heat and her arms circled his neck.  Encouraged, Wulfric kissed her deeper and his arms tightened his embrace.  Her body erupted with a rush of desire and a sweet yearning so poignant she ached.  Vulnerable at the late hour Tamara yielded to him, her defenses down.

            Beneath the red hoodie her heart beat a swift tattoo and her body heated as her secret places grew wet and wanting.  Wulfric’s hand crept up beneath her jacket and shirt to fumble her bra open.  With an old trick he’d perfected he pulled her bra out through her sleeve and his hands caressed her breasts.  He used his fingers to fondle her nipples into hardness, each one standing at full attention.   Tamara should complain, she should thrust him away and leave but she enjoyed what he did.  She’d craved his touch and delighted in every pleasure thrill shooting through her body.  Her flesh tingled with delight, and when Wulfric pulled off her red hood, then her blouse, she didn’t try to stop him.

            Instead, Tamara clawed at his simple T-shirt and removed it.  Her hands explored his lean torso, stroking his muscles with long-denied hunger.  On impulse she put her mouth against his left nipple and nibbled, her teeth bringing it hard as Wulfric moaned his appreciation.  His larger hands caressed her breasts and he used his palms to titillate her nipples.  Wulfric kissed her shoulders and neck.  He nibbled until he left love bites, purple marks of passion.

            Her breath increased until she almost panted with need.  Urgency drove her to unbutton her jeans and step out of them.  Tamara tossed the nylon scrap of panties she wore and when she did, Wulfric’s gasp of pleasure fueled her ardor.  Physical need removed her emotional distance as he stroked her body with such skill she cried aloud.
            When he stood naked before her, his cock erect and

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  1. Books look like great reads.Evernight has achieved a lot in two years.

  2. Happy Birthday Evernight. I follow FB and Twitter and I also follow your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

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  4. What a fun Blog Hop! This is such a great opportunity for readers to discover new authors! Love it!

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  5. What a fun Blog Hop! Thank you for the opportunity to win a prize. I’m a fan of Evernight Publishing on Facebook and I follow your blog. I would love a chance to read one of your books! Thanks for the hop!

  6. Happy Birthday Evernight!

    And thank you for a great giveaway! Your books sound fantastic! :)

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  7. Happy Birthday to Evernight, I've enjoyed the celebrations and took advantage of the .99 amazon and ARe deals, picked up quite a number of books! :) I'm following you and Evernight on FB!


  8. Very cool. Happy Birthday.
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  9. Your books sounds awesome, I can't wait to read Red in the Hood! Thanks for participating!

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  11. Fabulous covers, great excerpts.

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  24. Greetings,

    Doing the blog hop for Evernight’s 2nd Birthday celebration! Its’ been fun so far. As a fan of Evernight Publishing, its great meeting new authors and catching up with some of my faves. :-)

    You are a new author to me. Hopefully, I’ll get to know your work better in the future.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some great prizes. As always much continued success!

    Face book, Twitter, Evernight FB group… done

    Belinda G

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