Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take Your Pick: Irish Apple Cake or A Sexy Excerpt From Dust Bowl Dreams (or have both)

What's your taste today? Hungry for a little sensual teaser from Dust Bowl Dreams? It's here - just below.

For those who liked the cornbread recipe, here's another - it's simple, old-fashioned and tasty.  It's Irish Apple Cake:

2 cups white flour
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 stick butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup milk
3 to 4 cooking apples
1 egg beaten with a pinch of salt for glazing.

1. Sift flour and baking powder into a bowl; cut butter up into pieces and then rub into the flour. Add 2/3 of the sugar, beaten egg and enough milk to form a soft dough.
2. Divide dough in two. Put one half onto a greased ovenproof plate; gently pat our with fingers to cover the plate.
3. Peel and chop apples. Arrange apples on the dough and sprinkle with remaining sugar.
4. Roll out remaining dough and cover the apples. Press sides together, cut a slit in top, and brush with beaten egg. Bake for about 40 minutes in a 350 degree oven.
5. Dredge with sugar. Serve warm with brown sugar and whipped cream.
Makes six servings.


Life’s never easy for a good-hearted man who decides crime is the answer to his troubles.

No rain in the summer of 1933 is bad news for Oklahoma farmer Henry Mink. The local banker wants the mortgage on the farm paid and unless Henry comes up with the dough, his widowed mother and four young siblings won’t have a home.  Jobs are scarce so he decides to rob a bank.   His sweetheart, school teacher Mamie Logan, doesn’t like the idea and neither does Henry’s kid brother Eddie but Henry’s out of options.

He leaves home and robs a bank at nearby Ponca City. When he returns home, he pays off the mortgage but new troubles show up. Mamie is his greatest joy and they become engaged but by fall, Henry has no options left but to rob another bank.  If he can pull off one another big job, he figures he’ll be set until the hard times are over but few things in life go as planned.  His desperate efforts will either secure his future or destroy it forever.

If Henry’s family survives and Mamie’s love endures, he’ll need a miracle.

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“I am,” she said.  “Henry, will you kiss me?”

            Some of the shadows her question brought receded and he smiled. “Honey, you don’t even have to ask.”

            Henry swung his legs around to the front of the bench and in one swooping motion put her across his lap.  His left arm supported her back and shoulders and her feet dangled off his right side.  He brushed curls away from her face and kissed her, his mouth latched onto hers hungry with need.  Mamie fed his want with her own, her mouth offering up sweetness and heat.  His mouth stirred her desires, new and bright feelings until she craved more.  Henry turned on a power within and her body resonated with it.  As he kissed her with thoroughness, she forgot her surroundings, the time and place.  Nothing existed in those delicious moments but his mouth against hers, his body so near.  Her senses brimmed full with his masculine scent and the warmth of his flesh. 

            His hand strayed to her bosom and his fingers worked loose her buttons until his hand caressed her breast and fondled her nipple.  It hardened at his touch, so sensitive Mamie yearned for more with a painful ache.  Beneath her, his cock stirred to life and stiffened.  She stroked it through his pants and it writhed like a snake.  She softened and became wet, prepared.  She took hold of his hand and directed it beneath her dress so he’d touch her soft, bare skin.  As his fingers glided up her thigh, he gasped.

            “You’re not wearing anything under your dress.”

            Mamie laughed. “No, I’m not.”

            Henry’s breathing increased. “Well, why not?”

            “It’s too hot for underpants,” she said. “Besides, I was hoping.”

            His hand reached her crotch and caressed the tight curls nestled there.   He stroked the tender folds of her passage, his touch a soft whisper across her skin and yet an invitation.  “Didn’t anybody ever tell you to be careful what you wish for?” Henry whispered. “’Cause you might get it.”

            “I want it,” Mamie said, surprised at her own boldness.  She’d been almost a prude at sixteen, afraid to let anyone, even Henry, kiss her mouth or touch her body.  He’d won her trust and they’d spooned often enough she got over any fear or notion they did wrong.  Since they made love, however, she transformed into a wanton woman.  Mamie craved intimacy for the delightful physical pleasure, but also because the connection strengthened their love. “Don’t you?”

            “God, yes,” he grunted.  Henry shifted position and put her on the bench.   Mamie hiked up her dress and spread her thighs wide.  At some point he’d shed his overalls and beneath them, his dick stood up prouder than a rooster.  He struck like lightning, hot and fast, piercing her body with a single stroke.   She cried out and he withdrew, coming back in even quicker and filled her emptiness with himself.  He wiggled just enough to send her head reeling and senses spinning.  Exquisite spasms rocked her body and she tightened her vagina to share the pleasure.  He made a sound like whimpering and came, his power pouring into her with wicked, wild force.  Mamie held him tight against her as they rode the tide together.   Their first time, they’d taken things slow and sweet, savoring each little ripple and thrill.   This time, everything moved with blinding speed and they shared a brief pocket of sensual pleasure.   Sweating, sated, and breathing hard, they clung to each other for a few treasured moments before Henry slid off her to retrieve his discarded overalls.  He slipped them back on and hooked them over the shirt he’d never removed.

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