Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remembering Rudy

New York.  1926.  A heat wave gripped the city in its' fist and at Polyclinic Hospital, Rudolph Valentino lay dying as the nation, the world waited.  As the first major superstar, Rudy commanded an incredible fame and mystique, one which still lingers eighty-six years later.  Our world around us has changed in those decades but fans remain devoted to his memory.

Women still find him attractive, even sensual.  I rank among them but while I think Rudy is good-looking, I'm even more impressed with the depth of the man.  I've read about all there is available to read about Rudy, watched his movies, and find him fascinating on every level.  In addition to becoming a consummate actor for his time, he was an intelligent man, well-read, and talented in many areas.

If I could sit down to dinner with anyone from the past, at this point in my life, I would choose Rudolph Valentino.

Ti adoro, Rudy.

You're gone but never forgotten!


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