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Third Day's The Charm - Celebrating Indendence Blog Hop Continues

It's here - the long awaited Celebrating Independence Blog Hop, one of the biggest, best blog hops in the romance business. The hops put together by author Drea Becraft and her Blog Hop Spot are legendary and I always enjoy them. I'm giving away one eBook copy of In The Shadow of War and one ebook copy of Guy's Angel, my two full length historicals from Rebel Ink Press. Those are my main prizes for the entire blog hop. And, because I just adore my readers - without readers where would I be - I always like to toss in a few daily prizes either. Be sure to leave your email addy with your comment to be entered to win! And don't forget to use the link below (or over on the right) to return to the main hop page with links!

On the third day of this blog hop, I thought I'd offer up a PDF set of all FOUR of my Love Covenant series novels from Evernight Publishing.  My sexy vampire Will Brennan and his Texas lady Cara offer up their own brand of sensuality.  The books are Love Tattoo, Love Scars, Love Knots, and Love Shadows.

Here's a taste from Love Knots:

That depends,” I said, with a wicked little smile. “On whether

you mean to rest or to love.”

He put his other hand beneath my chin and turned me to face

him. He traced the outline of my lips with a single finger, slow to

tantalize. It did; I felt the sweet chills of desire begin at the top of my

back and shiver down to spread throughout my body. “I see no

reason, mo anam cara, why we can’t do both, one first and then the


I moved forward so that my mouth rested about an inch from

his. “We can.”

I kissed him, my lips forward and insistent as an interruption.

His mouth answered back in the same language and as he pulled me

from the chair so that he could kiss me standing, he whispered, voice

husky but audible,

Give me that man that is not passion’s slave and I will wear

him in my heart’s core, aye, in my heart of heart as I do thee.”

“Hamlet?” I guessed and he nodded.

After that, he seemed much too distracted to quote

Shakespeare or anything else because I locked my lips onto his. As I

caught his lower lip between my teeth and nibbled he trembled with

pleasure. His hand snaked up under my T-shirt and found just flesh.

I never bothered with a bra when it was just Will and me at home –

moments like this one, it came in handy.

I never saw a man who could remove clothes with the swift

finesse Will used and in seconds, I stood naked as the day I was born

before him. He faced me, just as bare, and so I raked my hands over

his flesh with glee. Earlier I craved the quiet tenderness, the near

worship he offered but now, my senses stirred for something stronger.

I wanted passion tempered with just enough pain to make it exquisite.

I needed heat and strong hands bending me to his will.

To feed the fire that spread over us both with slow precision, I

used my nails to scratch his flesh and my mouth to nibble. I left his

bottom lip for his nipple and used my tongue to bring it hard in my

mouth. His fingers reached up into the heart of me, fondling and

feeling without remorse but with sensual need.

We would never make it to the bedroom before we exploded

in a blast of desire or reached fulfillment. We tempted with our

hands, used our mouths to drive each other to distraction, and the fire

burned out of control. Will pushed me back against the desk that held

his computer and lifted me up just enough so that he could enter me

with ease. He impaled me there, stabbed me down and held me with

the same ruthless force that I pinned the helpless bugs of my science

project insect collection to cardboard.

I kicked up so that I could wrap my legs around his waist,

driving him deeper as I came with a shout of joy that echoed in my

ears. It probably almost deafened Will but I didn’t care and by that

point, neither did he. When I collapsed against him, wet, sweating,

and weak, he caught me into his arms and we sank down to the floor

together. After a brief rest there, long enough to catch our breath, he

rose with me still in his embrace and carried me to bed.

We took our rest intertwined together, the juices of our

completed passion sticky and mingled, with the smell of his heady

musk and man aroma thick in my nose. I clung to it the way I did to

my ratty old security blanket as a child, safe and sure in his love.

The Love Covenant series is available at Evernight Publishing, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Bookstrand and more.

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