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Can You Take The Heat- Excerpt From RED IN THE HOOD

My latest is out - RED IN THE HOOD with this killer, awesome cover and since it's Sunday, it's time for a little back story and a smoking hot excerpt complete with a kiss, of course!

One of my favorite fairy tales growing up happened to be the classic Little Red Riding Hood.  I often walked to my grandmother’s house but not through the forest.  Instead I traveled the streets of my hometown, through my old working class neighborhood where I never met any wolves but where other threats often existed.  I had a red woolen sweater cape and much later a red hooded sweatshirt but that’s about as close as I came to living the story.

But we don’t forget, especially writers and when I sat down to write my first Romance On The Go submission for Evernight Publishing, I found myself thinking about Little Red Riding Hood.  That brought to mind echoes of the old neighborhood and city too.  Red happens to be one of my favorite colors so the elements began to come together in a contemporary romance with an urban setting with some fairy tale overtones.

Red In The Hood isn’t a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale, not by any means.  I think it would be safer to say it’s inspired by the original.  And while my hero is named Wulfric – although everyone but the heroine and Wulfric’s German born mom calls him Ric –he’s all male but not a wolf or even a shapeshifter.

Evernight’s new Romance On The Go Line is intended for the busy reader on the go which includes many of us.  Their short but complete tales are intended to be read at break, in an evening, during the daily commute, at the doctor’s office, or at the beach.  I’m working on another now because I’ve had some awesome reader response so far on Red In The Hood.

Here’s a little excerpt and all the details from my latest, Red In The Hood:

Red In The Hood by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy $2.99 Evernight Publishing

Tamara’s known far and wide as the girl in the red hood. Red is not only her favorite color but a way to express everything from anger to love. She hates her mundane existence. After tragedy destroyed her family life, Tamara’s become a loner who shuts out everyone, even her one-time lover, Wulfric.

Wulfric refuses to give up on Tamara, and when she yields to him, her life seems to shift back on track. But when danger hits, Wulfric steps in to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her. His life and their love hang in the balance.


           Tamara shook her head. “No but thanks. I don’t want to be any trouble or make a fuss.”

            He laughed. “Uh-huh.  You’re always trouble, Tamara but I love you anyway.”

            His words hit her hard.  Tamara savored them and yet they hurt.  To avoid any more pain, she did what she always did – prepared to run.  She stood up. “I guess I’d better go.  You don’t have to walk me there. I can find my way.”

            With speed he stood up too. “I’m not letting you walk through this neighborhood at this time of night.”

            Before she could protest or say anything Wulfric kissed her.  His mouth latched onto hers with familiarity and need.  Tamara responded, her lips crackling with sudden heat and her arms circled his neck.  Encouraged, Wulfric kissed her deeper and his arms tightened his embrace.  Her body erupted with a rush of desire and a sweet yearning so poignant she ached.  Vulnerable at the late hour Tamara yielded to him, her defenses down.

            Beneath the red hoodie her heart beat a swift tattoo and her body heated as her secret places grew wet and wanting.  Wulfric’s hand crept up beneath her jacket and shirt to fumble her bra open.  With an old trick he’d perfected he pulled her bra out through her sleeve and his hands caressed her breasts.  He used his fingers to fondle her nipples into hardness, each one standing at full attention.   Tamara should complain, she should thrust him away and leave but she enjoyed what he did.  She’d craved his touch and delighted in every pleasure thrill shooting through her body.  Her flesh tingled with delight, and when Wulfric pulled off her red hood, then her blouse, she didn’t try to stop him.

            Instead, Tamara clawed at his simple T-shirt and removed it.  Her hands explored his lean torso, stroking his muscles with long-denied hunger.  On impulse she put her mouth against his left nipple and nibbled, her teeth bringing it hard as Wulfric moaned his appreciation.  His larger hands caressed her breasts and he used his palms to titillate her nipples.  Wulfric kissed her shoulders and neck.  He nibbled until he left love bites, purple marks of passion.

            Her breath increased until she almost panted with need.  Urgency drove her to unbutton her jeans and step out of them.  Tamara tossed the nylon scrap of panties she wore and when she did, Wulfric’s gasp of pleasure fueled her ardor.  Physical need removed her emotional distance as he stroked her body with such skill she cried aloud.

            When he stood naked before her, his cock erect and hard, Tamara knelt so she could take his stick into her mouth.  Her lips raked up and down his shaft as she savored the feel of him in her mouth.  She used her tongue to lick with slow, tantalizing motions and then tightened her lips to suckle, drawing tighter around him until he moaned. 

            Wulfric’s hand seized her hair and pulled her upright.  He kissed her hard on the mouth and said, “Bedroom, now.”

            By the time they reached his bed, a rumpled mass of scattered covers, Tamara burned and her need increased until she thought she’d die of want before he took her.  Wulfric backed her onto the bed, kissing her from mouth to bellybutton and then when she opened her legs to him, he dived between.  His tongue became a sword to ravish, to taste, to tickle and to torment her clit.  She writhed with the extreme delight spreading through her body like wildfire, consuming Tamara in its wake.

            “Ohhh,” she cried, unable to form words or even coherent thought.  Nothing existed in the moment but their bodies and the exquisite sensations he delivered.  His cock thrust into her cunt and fit.  She squeezed him, tightened her muscles to stroke his penis even as he worked it in and out of her with growing waves of pleasure.  In her abandon, Tamara raked his back with her nails and lifted her body against his.  In tandem they worked until they reached the very center of both bodies and the rush exploded.  Together they screamed with delight, with total orgasm as their flesh rocked with the impact and everything turned brilliant for Tamara.  Blind, she shrieked her joy and they collapsed together, in each other’s arms on the bed.  Breathless, soaked with sweat and cum, she rested against Wulfric skin-to-skin.

            In her wild need, fired with passion, she’d demonstrated everything she long denied and judging by the smirk on his face, he knew it.  Denials spoken in the aftermath wouldn’t work, so she said nothing.  Wulfric cradled her against him and whispered, “Stay.”

            She should go, but…her parents wouldn’t miss her, and Tamara didn’t want to move.  Warm against his body, sated and comfortable, she nodded. “I will, but just for tonight.”


            “We’ll talk.”

            “You love me.”

            Tamara didn’t even try to deny the truth.  If they’d just fucked, she could’ve tried, but their experience combined enough sensuality with too much powerful emotion to deny.  When she didn’t answer, his smile widened.

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