Thursday, July 12, 2012

And The Winners (LOTS OF THEM) Are.....

Okay, I'm ashamed...I've been so slow in getting out the word to the winners of several different blog hops I've had recently both here on A Page In The Life and over at Rebel Writer: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy.  I should be chastised, scolded, spanked, whatever.  And my only excuse is I've been so busy - my husband had his annual week off from work last week with the Fourth of July slap in the middle.  My kids are underfoot for the summer...I've got lots of writing projects underway and there's always more to do than hours in the day.  Plus it's been hot, record breaking hot.

Now I've got that out to the way - here's my list of various winners.  I'll be sending out emails to each one as soon as I switch over to email and can type.

From Blisse Kiss by the Sea, eBook copy of Love Knots

From the First Anniversary Naughty Nights Press blog hop:, eBook copy of In The Shadow of War

From the Angels and Demons blog hop: Juana ( - Guy's Angel eBook

From Cocked and Loaded Shooting Stars, two winners, each gets their choice of one eBook from my backlist:
Pam ( and

From the Independence Day blog Hop:
Shadow of War Ebook -
Guy's Angel eBook - Merry -

Sing We Now of Christmas -
PDF set of the Love Covenant books:

In Love's Own Time -
Long Live The King:

Now for anyone who didn't win - head over to my other blog Rebel Writer: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

During the Summer Heat Flash Fiction hop for Rebel writers, I'm giving away choice of any my Rebel Ink titles in PDF format to anyone who leaves a comment and their email.

Thanks for hopping with me through several hops - more on the way - and for your patience.

Happy reading, all!

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