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Lovestruck Blog Hop - Sensual Summer Reading For Your Pleasure

Love-struck: (adjective) having a passionate or overwhelming feeling of love; smitten
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Welcome to A Page In The of the stops on the Lovestruck Giveaway Hop.  It's summer and so we're dreaming beneath starlit skies, under the full moon about the lovers to sweep us away into romance. 
Now we're all 'fessing up about a book or a hero (or a heroine) or a series sexy and sweeet and sensual enough to make us lovestruck ourselves.  I'll admit I still get chills when I read the passage in Margaret Mitchell's classic Gone With The Wind when Rhett carries Scarlett upstairs, stops to kiss her without restraint and ravishes her.  For a book written and published in the 1930's, it's pretty smoking hot.   A newer hero I can't get enough of is Jean Claude, Anita Blake's lover and the Master Vampire of St. Louis in Laurell K. Hamilton's novels. 
On the silver screen, give me Hugh Jackman, especially as the Drover in Australia.  Trust me, I'll fill for Nicole Kidman's role anytime!
Now since I also write romance, I'll admit I fall in love with every one of my heroes.  If I don't fall for them, get smitten and find them attractive in every way....if I don't think wicked thoughts and imagine them doing kinds of erotic delightful things...well, I can't convince my readers to fall for them, now can I?
As part of the hop I'm going to offer up the choice to two winners of my latest three releases - the short but sexy Long Live The King from Champagne Books featuring none other than Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, in a fun little fantasy involving some time travel and a little alternate reality.....(can I get a drum roll please?) first full length historical romance In The Shadow of War, a poignant, sensual World War II era romance between Brooklyn guy Ben Levy and small town school teacher Bette Sullivan against the backdrop of war.....or my latest full length historical (now an ARe bestseller, just sayin'), Guy's Angel...a novel set back in 1925 about a young woman, Lorraine, who wants to fly and the former World War I ace, Guy Richter, who's willing to teach her.
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You can find details about them all on either my or AllRomanceEbooks author pages here:
And just for fun how about a sexy excerpt from Guy's Angel:

Angel longed for Guy.  He’d make her feel better, she thought, just by being there. If she could just inhale his masculine scent, feel the solid comfort of his arms around her then maybe she could sleep. She crushed out her smoke and with an unexpected impulse crept into the bedroom and retrieved a dress. In the darkness, she stripped out of her gown and dressed, slipping on shoes without stockings. She didn’t stop to pick up her purse and paused long enough only to tuck her pillow beneath the sheet so it might pass for her sleeping form if Mama woke.
Like a fugitive she crept down Poulin, crossing each block with furtive speed all the way down to North Second. She turned the corner and moved toward Mamie Stafford’s house where Guy, along with other young men, rented the spare rooms.  Angel moved with haste but kept to the darkest of the shadows although she saw no one but a stray cat. When it emerged out of the night, she bit down on a scream and moved on.  She really didn’t know what she might do when she got there although she knew which window belonged to Guy. Some half-baked idea she might toss a pebble if she could find one, at the glass was in her mind but when she came closer, she noticed the fiery glow of someone’s cigarette on the deep porch. Long before she could see the person’s face she knew it was Guy and she moved toward it, like a river turtle moving back to the water.
Angel said nothing.  She came to a halt in front of the house and stood, her light colored dress visible out in the night. Guy drew on his cigarette and she saw his tired face, ravaged in the dimness. He smoked it down as far as he could and moved forward to pitch it. She knew the moment he spotted her because he stiffened, startled, before his face lit up with recognition.
She couldn’t remember moving but one moment she stood on the cracked sidewalk and the next Guy held her in his arms.  He didn’t kiss her at first but stood and gazed into her eyes.  Guy took one finger and ran it down the curve of her cheek then outlined her lips.
“You came,” he whispered. “I was thinking about you, Angel, wishing you were here and you came.”
“I couldn’t sleep,” she answered. “I got so lonesome and blue, Guy, so I left the house to come here.  I needed you.”
 “Still scared about what happened today, baby?”
 She nodded.  “I am but that’s not the only reason why I beat it over here.  I just missed you and I wanted to be with you.”
 “That’s how I felt, standing out here smoking,” he said, stroking strands of hair back from her face. “I needed you like I need air to breathe and then I looked up to see you standing there, like an answer to prayer.”
Guy kissed her, his mouth soft and sweet against her lips but urgent too, his need fueling his passion.  Without discussion they moved onto the porch proper, a wide veranda with some older wicker furniture.  They settled onto a wicker bench with a high back and he kissed her with such yearning her insides turned into mush.  His hand crept up her bare leg, tickling and yet moving into what most girls would call forbidden territory but Angel didn’t complain. She liked it too much.
When he passed her knee and moved up her thigh, Guy forged ahead and fingered her bare muff. When she dressed, Angel hadn’t bothered to put on any undergarments and so he touched flesh.  Against her other leg, she could feel his male hardness and when he shifted her so half sprawled on the settee, Angel adjusted her bottom to allow him to enter with ease.
With quiet purpose, Guy settled onto her and slid into her inner sanctum. The sensation sent ripples of pleasure through her and to keep from making any outcry, Angel put her fist into her mouth.  He snaked in and out of her body, each time building the pressure to a new level until very soon, their bodies bucked together in a dance dating back to the Garden of Eden.
She adored the look on his face, the intent concentration and the flush of pleasure visible even in the shadowed recesses of the porch. He made no sound but she felt the rush of his orgasm and the slight shudder as he finished. Guy lay against her, spent but satisfied as she basked with the still pulsating culmination of their love.
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Oh and one more from Long Live The King:

Joy suffused his face with pink and he whooped aloud as he gathered her into his arms and rolled over with her on the bed so she lay beneath him. Pinned to the bed, Lacie felt his growing erection, hard and firm, through his boxers and so, bolder than she had ever been with anyone, she reached inside his underwear to stroke him. Between her fingers, his heat scalded her but she felt a fever of desire rising too.
Lacie shivered with anticipation, shuddered with the first tingling pleasure that shot through her body like lightning. She wrapped her arms around his neck just as he put his mouth down on hers.
 His mouth melted into hers, as rich and sweet as dark chocolate, wicked with as much fire as habanera peppers. His lips teased and tormented hers with powerful kisses that brought her own desire rising to a level beyond anything she ever reached. Each subtle movement of his mouth sent exquisite tingles through her body and she felt her nipples harden with anticipation. Her body moistened, growing ready, as the kisses he gave drove her toward madness.
 Her senses spun, ignited by passion and her breath drew short as his mouth abandoned her lips, leaving them sore and swollen to burn down her throat. Each kiss became a nibble, an almost bite that titillated and pleased. Elvis went slow as he seemed to savor each inch of her flesh he caressed with his mouth.
Even as his mouth evoked carnal sensations, his hands roamed over her with urgent powerful need. One hand raked through her hair, rough enough to feel almost harsh but Lacie loved it, responding to it with small moans of pleasure. His other hand slipped beneath her simple nightgown to caress her breasts, using the same fingers that were so nimble playing the guitar to make another kind of music that spun silent between them. In one motion, he jerked the nightgown over her head and tossed it away, leaving her bare. Then he shucked out of his underwear so his skin touched hers, burning with heat.
 Elvis talked to her as he made love, whispered endearments and promises in a soft Southern drawl that intoxicated more than the best bourbon. She heard him, adored the things he said but her focus riveted on what he did.
  He suckled her, one nipple at a time and kissed her breasts with butterfly kisses that generated more heat. When he brought his tongue into use, she thought she might die with the pleasure that seared her senses and melted her mind.
   Her whimpering moans floated between them as she struggled to give back what he gave. Lacie slipped her hands away from his neck and used her fingers to rub against his nipples. Gooseflesh broke out across his chest at her touch and judging by his groan, she thought he liked it very much.
   As his tongue snaked lower, her need heightened until it seemed every cell in her body cried out for completion but he would not give it, not yet. Lacie slid her fingers up and down his arms, and then let her nails scrape his back. She felt him shiver but she couldn’t pause long enough to see his reaction.
  Everything inside and out quavered with the growing pressure, hurt with the need for fulfillment so she raised her body up to push against him. Her back arched and their sweat-soaked bare skin touched with a sizzle that resonated through her body.
  When he connected,  Lacie gasped with pleasure. Elvis entered without difficulty, sliding into her waiting moist warmth with a guttural cry of joy. He rocked her and she pushed against him, struggling to force the climax she needed. She cried out and so did he, their voices mingling until she could no longer tell which sounds she made and which issued from his mouth.
   Each wave of pleasure grew larger, strengthened like an incoming high tide until that wave of extreme gratification washed over them, sweeping them into a final moment of joy; they shuddered and together hit that peak of pure physical delight. His power pumped into her as she screamed her release like some wild woman. Their final moment, peak of desire, high point of passion lasted an eternity and yet just a moment.
Weak, sated, and breathless, Elvis collapsed on top of her and then, ever the gentleman, rolled over beside her with a grin that made the sun streaming through the half open curtain seem dim. He cradled her in his arms and stroked her hair, with a light, tender hand. If she had been a cat, she would have purred.
“That was beautiful, darlin’,” Elvis said, after a long span of time in which they did nothing but look into either other’s eyes, spellbound. “I’ve never had loving so good, not ever.”
“Me either,” Lacie said, snuggled up against him. She relished his warmth and the comforting feeling of his solid arms around her. For the first time in years, since leaving her Mississippi home, she felt safe
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To be fair, here's one from In The Shadow of War too:


Her fingers stroked his skin, marveling at the feel, delighting in the remembered connection.  Need increased her craving, stoked her yearning until she abandoned all pretense and surrendered to desire.
            Benny touched her, too, handled her at first as if she’d been spun from fine glass but as his passion rose, his fingers roughened.  They touched, fondled, and caressed over each bit of the other’s body and then his arms locked around her.  With her caught in his embrace, Benny lowered his mouth onto hers but she lifted her lips so the impact happened simultaneously.  Like some thirsty man long denied water, Benny drank from her mouth with necessity yet also with care.  Bette offered all she had to him and took back until she too, feasted. 
            Powerful heat surged from his mouth into hers and spread through her body like spring overtaking winter.  He burned with carnal fever and she caught it.  Without haste they coupled, bodies intertwining into a single unit and they kissed everywhere, without embarrassment or remorse.  Her teeth tickled his throat and nibbled, leaving a purple mark behind.  Benny’s mouth suckled at her breasts until her nipples ripened.  Bette swept back her hair as she took his cock into her mouth.  Her lips and tongue teased it until he pulled her back to say, “My turn.”
            Benny positioned Bette so he could use his mouth to pleasure her and when her vagina resonated with begging need, he mounted her then with slow, careful strokes coaxed them both to climax.  Each movement caressed her until Bette couldn’t bear any more and they came as one, with blinding, sweating, shouting joy.
            Short of breath they lay side by side, facing each other and when he found enough air to speak, Benny said, “I’ve needed to do that for so long.”


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  1. I like your love struck choices. I'm a big GWTW fan.

    Your books look good. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  2. Woohoo! I love blog hopping!
    What a great way to discover new blogs and visit with old friends. Everybody wins this way!
    I absolutely adore all the men in Shelly Laurenston's Pack/Pride series, and G. A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series. If I have to pick just one, it would have to be “Smitty’ from the book… “The Beast In Him” by Shelly Laurenston.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win! <^_^>

  3. Thanks for this blog hop...please pick me! Like Nay Nay mentioned the pride series is fantastic I love all of the bears the best! I have a soft spot for The Marauder :)

    tiglilygirl at yahoo dot com

  4. I love Terrible from Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series, Atticus from Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series, Severn from Michelle Sagara’s Chronicles of Elantra series and Curran from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  5. I'm crushing on Gideon from Bared To You! Loved the excerpts hot!!!

  6. I love Rhage, Zsadist and Vishous of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward!

    Your choices sounds really good! Thanks for the giveaway!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

    And thanks for the picture of Jensen Ackles...yum!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  8. Thanks for the Giveaway!


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