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Men of May Bloghop - ELVIS DAY

Day three of the Men of May Bloghop is ELVIS day here at A Page In The Life.  Why? Because my new release Long Live The King debuts tomorrow from Champagne Books and Elvis is my hero in this fun, fantasy time travel romance.  Besides, I adore Elvis.  He just radiates a sexual energy combined with sweet Southern manners...a combination that sends me.  Really.  Be sure to comment for your chance to win - I'm giving away two ebook copies of Long Live The King and two more ebook copies of World Without End, Amen.  Make sure you leave your email addy if you want to win so I can contact you if you do!

Now on to Elvis.....

I mean who could resist this....

Here's the blurb for Long Live The King:

And Elvis from 1956, sans shirt, (what a hottie) with an excerpt from Long Live The King

Once out of Vegas, there was almost no other traffic. Elvis drove with such speed she might have been afraid under any other circumstances but with him, fast rides were the norm and he handled the big car well.

He pulled off the two-lane road and brought the car to a halt before putting the top down. Above them, thousands of stars sparkled like diamonds in the night sky, much brighter here than in Las Vegas where they struggled to shine above the neon and glitter. A soft light breeze poured over them, refreshing and sweet.

As Elvis slid his arm around her, she felt him relax, easing away from the high-energy tension of his performance as he settled down against her. She felt her own nerves unwind and she laid her head against his shoulder so she could look up at the sky.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said, awed by the celestial display.

“It’s not as pretty as you are,” Elvis said as he pulled her into his embrace and kissed her. That little kiss back at the hotel felt like butterfly wings against her face but this one smoldered, slow and with plenty of heat. His mouth invaded hers, his tongue stretched to intertwine with hers in soft, erotic caress that notched her inner fire into flame. Elvis’ lips conquered her mouth and then moved down to the soft skin of her throat, kissing and biting with such exquisite strokes her skin felt sensitive and her nerves melted with heavy voltage level delight.

One arm remained around her; the other fondled her, touched her breasts with gentle movements as if he longed to caress but did not want to offend. His care evoked a powerful tenderness within Lacie but his touch scorched wherever it touched. His fingertips calloused from guitar playing, slid the shoulders of her peasant blouse down so he could bury his face against her breasts, still tucked inside the lace-trimmed brassiere. The feel of his breath against her skin destroyed any defenses and blazed with such heat she thought she would shiver with delight.

Lacie kissed him back, putting all her own desire into the act, sharing all she could summon of soul and self. If his arms had not held her steady, anchored her to the physical world about them, she thought she might have drowned in delight.

His mouth, she thought with pleasure, was like barbecue, sweet, smoky with a little hint of sugar, and just spicy enough to intrigue. Lacie feasted on his southern flavor and loved it, more than ready to ride the rising surge of passion into ecstasy.

Their kissing lasted forever and just a brief moment. In that timeless span, Lacie yielded her heart to Elvis. She could not deny she loved him with every facet of being, mind, heart, body, and soul. Nor could she claim she did not want him with every carnal sense. In his arms, burning with his heat that reflected from her fever, she claimed him as her soul mate and ached to make him her significant other, forever.

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  1. A coworker is a big Elvis fan. She has his pictures posted on every free wall space! LOL He was good lookin' in his younger days.

    LOved the excerpt; another book has been added to my wish list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  2. Really enjoyed the excerpt, I'd love to get it! jennirv4967 at gmail dot com


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