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It's Summer - Welcome To The Summer Fun Web Hunt!!

Forget about the solstice making it official - summer's here to stay now that we're launching into June.  I'm excited to be part of the Night Owl Reviews Summer Fun Web Hunt with all the fun and prizes.  It's going to be a blast and I can't wait to meet new friends and connect with all the wonderful people I've come to know thus far on my author journey.

I'm now a full time romance author and I've got a variety of titles out.  I like to tell people I write from sweet to heat because my novels run from the sweet traditionals to sensual heat.  I write for several different publishers and I've got stories from edgy romantic suspense to paranormal and time travel...with more on the way.

Even some of my readers don't always know what all I have on my back list so I thought I jump in ad share a little about my titles.

I've got several time travel novels.....

In Love's Own Time.....when a woman inherits an Edwardian beauty from the grandfather she never knew, she plans to sell it and pocket the profit.  But when she visits the house, she's enchanted and when she meets the ghost, she's in love.  It's mutual but unless they can think of something, Howard and Lillian can't have a happily ever after.  So she thinks time travel may be the ticket. (Rebel Ink Press, February 2012)

Long Live The newest time travel and a short but fun romp into 1956 Las Vegas. Professional escort Lacie is just a Delta girl at heart and when she finds herself in the past, in the company of a young Elvis Presley, things get complicated and hot in a hurry. (Champagne Books, May 2012)
A Time To Love....Samuel Baird left his native Nashville after a failed marriage to drink himself insensible in the remote Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas but things change when a beautiful woman saves his life during a wild thunderstorm.  She says she's from the 1890's and he thinks she's crazy but he's falling in love anyway. (Champagne Books, October 2012)

Since I earned a degree in both History and English, it seemed natural I'd write some historical romances.  I'm hearing from some readers I've hit on something they like so here's the list so far...

Guy's Angel...When a young woman decides she wants to learn to fly in 1925, the sky's the limit.  She even finds a former World War I ace who's willing to teach her but he's haunted by his own past. If anyone can save him, it's his Angel (Rebel Ink Press, June 3, 2012)

In The Shadow of War...Bette's great-granddaughter wants to know about World War II for school but when Bette shares her love story, it's far more than Ariel expected.  Readers return to the 1940's as Bette remembers the love of her life, Private Ben Levy.  (Rebel Ink Press, May 17, 2012)

The Marriage Cure (sweet)...Johnny Devaney's suffered the loss of almost everything during the Indian Removals and the Trail of Tears but when he reaches the Ozarks, he meets a lovely widow who nurses him back to health and may be the key to the cure he needs. (Astraea Press, July 2011)

What Fills The Heart (sweet) sequel to The Marriage Cure.  The romantic family saga continues as Johnny's brother, Davey, leaves Fort Gibson in the Indian Nation and seeks his brother.  He also meets a lovely Scotswoman.

For readers who like a little romantic suspense, I've got several titles too.

Kinfolk....writer Katherine Vaughn returns to her native Arkansas when she has nowhere else to go to elude her late husband's drug debts and the goons who want to collect.  Former Navy SEAL Ben Hatfield is ready and willing to protect her - no matter what the cost.  (Champagne Books, July 2011)

Witness Protection Program....when her cover is blown in a discount store shooting where she's the target, Deborah finds herself whisked away to a safe house by stern but sexy Federal Marshal Timothy Campbell.  But the danger's far from over and when he breaks every law he's meant to uphold, Marshal Campbell, the risk grows for all of them. (Rebel Ink Press, October 2011)

Miss Good Samaritan...when a wounded man leaps into Robin Cavanaugh's car at a Tulsa traffic
light, she's horrified.  He swears he's innocent, however and begs for her help.  She helps him against her better judgement and finds herself caught up in all the action.  (Rebel Ink Press, April 2011)

I have three contemporary titles, one with a Valentine's Day theme, the other with a Christmas beginning and end, and a second chance at love story.

A Patient Heart...When a new patient turns up in nurse Catherine Lessard's hospital wing, he's the one time love of her life, Connor Donavan.  He broke her heart a long time ago but faced with caring for him, she can't deny she still loves him.  When he demonstrates he still cares, anything can happen. (Rebel Ink Press, February 3, 2012)

Sing We Now of Christmas....Jessica loves Christmas and it's no surprise she met the love of her life, Johnny, during the holiday season.  After they wed, however, and head to the lake for a family reunion, his boat turns over in a storm.  He's presumed drowned and everyone gives up on him but Jessica...who carries hope in her heart as Christmas approaches once more. (Rebel Ink Press, December 2011)

Love Never Fails....a late night phone call from her one time love summons Caroline back to her hometown.  Without knowing why, she answers Reid's distress call and soon finds herself entangled in all the old emotions.  With Reid's brother missing, she joins the search but she may break her heart all over again. (Rebel Ink Press, April 2011)

And then I have my paranormal romances, a single title and a series.

Wolfe's teacher Stella Raines falls hard and fast for the proper British mathmatics instructor down the hall but it's obvious from the first he has secrets.  When she learns the truth, will she flee or will she fight to find a happily ever after, one way or another?

The Love Covenant Series...(Love Tattoo, Love Scars, Love Knots, Love Shadows, Love Echoes, Love Legacy)....the first four books in the series are all out.  Will Brennan is a two hundred year old Irishman who sometimes drives a big rig to cover the fact he's a vampire.  Cara is a Texas born singer, a sassy gal who loves her man - no matter what.

All my paranormals afe from Evernight Publishing.

Oh, and coming August, look for my next contemporary romance, Heart of the Ozarks (Rebel Ink Press)...another historical, Dustbowl Dreams (September 17, Rebel Ink Press) and Kosovo Tales: Two Hearts, One Love, later this year

Have fun - good luck - and happy summer reading!!!

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