Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heat Up May With Sinful Sirens - AND In The Shadow of War!

It's not even Memorial Day weekend yet but summer seems to have come early and settled in to stay! I'm delighted to be part of well over a hundred authors participating in Under The Covers and Guilty Pleasures Sinful Sirens blog hop.

I'm offering up two eBook copies of my May 17 release, my first first length historical, In The Shadow of War from Rebel Ink Press.  To be included in the drawing, just leave your name and email address in the comments.

Come by each day to leave a comment if you want to win! Otherwise all entries will be tossed into the hat for the end of blog prize - two winners will receive In The Shadow of War.

Here's the blurb:
Her great-granddaughter wants to know if Bette remembers World War II for a school project and her questions revive old memories….

Small town school teacher Bette Sullivan's life was interrupted when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 but her world changed forever when she met Private Benny Levy, a soldier from the Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York stationed at Camp Crowder, the local Army base.

Their attraction is immediate and mutual but as their relationship grows their love and lives are shadowed by World War II. As the future looms uncertain the couple comes together with almost desperate need and a powerful love they hope can weather anything, including the war.

And here's an excerpt:

              Bette’s mouth fused to his and her world narrowed to the small span enclosing them. 
            His hungry mouth sought hers, frantic and as needy as a starving man searching for nourishment.  Bette answered back, her need rising to join his until they were one, not two.   One of her hands rested on his shoulder, the other circled his neck so she could reach upward to stroke his short hair.   Benny pinned her in place with one hand while the other roamed down over her body, stroking her skin beneath the slip, touching flesh where he could.  Through the thin fabrics separating them, Bette grew aware his stiff cock pressed against her lower belly just above her cleft.  As it surged against her desire consumed her, burning away any resistance, any practical sense, everything but pure craving toward the ultimate intimacy.  With instinct, she moved against him, her petticoat stroking his member through the cloth and his kiss deepened in her mouth until she thought she’d drown with sensation.
               Benny explored her mouth with his tongue, erotic and private and she loved it.  No one’d ever French kissed her until now and if asked, Bette might’ve said it sounded disgusting. But now, experiencing it firsthand she found it delightful.   She understood now what it mimicked, the connection between man and woman.  Beneath her touch Benny heated up, his skin warm against hers, his fervor becoming almost fever.
            Between her legs pressure increased with need.  Within Bette knew a yearning, a physical hankering for fulfillment and completion.  She lowered every defense she’d been taught, forgot all her mother’s teaching about what nice girls don’t do, and experienced the rising ardor.  A tiny curl of fear lay embedded in the physical joy and Bette was afraid it might hurt.  She’d heard stories and wondered, but the small anxiety wasn’t enough to stop.
            Benny, breathing as fast as if he’d run up four flights of stairs, pulled his mouth away and gasped, “I want you, Bette.  Oh, God, I need you.  Will you?”
            If he hadn’t asked, she’d still given, but his courtesy, his care, enhanced the moment.  “Oh, yeah, yes, please.”
            His face lit with a glow she’d never seen there before, a luminous joy so vulnerable Bette didn’t doubt he offered his heart, his soul, his being.  His need echoed hers and he kissed her again, this time swift and yet achingly sweet.  She tasted his tenderness and the flavor of salt from his happy tears.  Benny swept her into the bedroom and with his mouth still joined to hers put her on the bed.  With gentle fingers he removed her slip, undid her brassiere as she shucked off her underpants.  In one swift graceful motion he shucked off his T-shirt and drawers so he stood beside the bed, naked, beautiful, and erect with desire.
             Bette didn’t know what to do, if she should move or lay still or what, but when he covered her body with his, she didn’t think.  Doing it came naturally, she realized, as she caressed his bare back with her hands while he kissed her bare throat and breasts.  His burning lips scorched where they touched as he worked his way down her torso.  Her soft stroking shifted into something more savage as need evoked her inner wildness.  Bette’s hands formed claws and she raked his skin with her nails, not enough to break the skin but with enough force to be pleasant pain.  The wet between her legs was new as her body prepared to experience sex. 
                 Benny touched her pussy, his hand controlled as he fondled her there.  Each touch sent intense pleasure through her and she couldn’t keep from making little noises to express her delight.  Although it felt good, his caresses increased the sense of urgent need and she pushed up against his hand, greedy.
                   “That’s right,” he murmured. “You’re getting the idea, sweetheart.  Hang on, baby.”
                      Benny pushed her knees wide apart and came between them.   With a rapid thrust, he entered her and she moaned.  A wave of pleasure warred with a single sharp burning pain, but he worked his cock in and out, smooth as a creek flowing around rocks.  His easy rhythm took her past the moment of hurt and physical bliss poured over her in buckets.   Bette couldn’t keep quiet as she embraced each sensation and at the end, when he dove deep within her to stay, she cried out with wordless glee.  Within her, Benny quivered and shuddered.  His release became her flight into the heavens as she rode the wave of sheer wonder until they collapsed together, spent, sweating, and sated.

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