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Hunky Heroes Blog Hop - If You Like Your Men Hot, Come on In!

Whether you read or write romance (or do both, like me), I bet you like your heroes to be, smoking, sexy, dreamy hunks.  I know I do! So I was delighted to join the Riverina Romantics on their first blog hop because who can resist a Hunky Hero!

I'm giving away an ebook copy (winner's choice of format) of my latest, Miss Good Samaritan from Rebel Ink Press.  To start  ogling of good looking sexy men, here's how I imagine my hero, Gray Holcomb, to look:

To get a taste of just how smoking hot Gray can be, here's a little excerpt:

“I want you,” Gray breathed into her ear. “Robin, will you come with me?”

Her heart leapt and she’d swear it wedged midway up her throat.  Each beat resonated through her, her skin tingling with anticipation as she nodded and took the hand he offered.  Gray led her back to the big front bedroom and he shut the door with infinite care.   A full harvest moon shone through the thin curtains and a slight breeze with the chill of autumn came through the one window open just an inch or so.  Robin shivered but not with cold as Gray came to her.

Facing her, he held her face between his hands and kissed her, his mouth soft and yet urgent against her mouth.  His fingers undid the snap buttons on her flannel nightgown with slow precision and he pulled the garment from her.   The gown dropped to the floor and he slid a single finger into the waistband of her cotton Hanes panties to lower them to her ankles.  Robin stepped out of them, aroused and unafraid.  She’d never been more certain about the sexual act as now.  This wasn’t one of her college experiences when a little too much drink turned her head and blurred judgment or an aggressive date who pushed too far, too fast.  For the first time in her life, Robin realized she was about to make love and the idea fired her imagination just as much as desire heated her blood to fever heat.

Gray removed his boxers and pulled her against him so they stood, skin to skin.  The incredible sensation fascinated Robin and she adored the way his flesh rubbed against hers.  Her breasts rested against his mat of chest hair and without conscious thought, she used her hands to run across the contours of his body.  She trailed her hands from his shoulders down, delighting in the way his skin reacted to her touch.  On Gray’s right side, she let her hand go down to his thigh but on the left, she skirted his healing wound but with sudden impulse, she bent to kiss it, her mouth lighter than a moth’s brush in the night.

Gray moaned aloud and she hesitated. “Did I hurt you?” she whispered.

“Feels damn good,” he said, “Touch me some more, honey.”

His command equaled her wish so Robin did.  Her hands moved over him, marveling at his solid body, the rock hard muscles, the beautiful way his parts fit together into a whole.  As she explored, so did he.  Gray stroked her titties, his fingers slow and tantalizing.   He bent his mouth to them and he suckled at first one nipple, then the other as an incredible erotic pleasure soared within Robin until she thought she’d die from the physical joy.  Inspired and fired with the wildest passion she’d ever known, Robin put her mouth against the base of his throat and nibbled. 

Her hand moved from his thigh to his crotch where she reached out to grasp the fullness of his cock in her hand.  As she held it, she used her tongue to make laps around each of his nipples and then brought it down lower.   Gray sighed and found her mouth.  He pressed his against hers with urgency, with a rising need and his cock answered by growing in her hand.  Robin savored the way it hardened against her flesh and she caressed it, moving her fingers up and down the shaft with slow movements.

His male musk, a wonderful scent intoxicating her senses, combined soap, lingering cologne, and just a man smell Robin adored.    They continued touching and fingering each other’s bodies, handling every part they could reach until need built up within Robin until she knew she’d explode without an outlet.  Gray must’ve felt the same because he whispered, “Now, Robin, now,” as he took her to his bed.

Robin scooted on her back until she rested her head on the pillows and opened her legs as Gray lowered himself onto her.  She arched forward to meet his thrust, a single stroke entering her vaginal passage with speed tempered with gentleness.  Robin cried out as he impacted and filled her, the sensation so glorious she couldn’t contain her delight and Gray hushed her with another kiss.  He tongued her this time, his tongue twining with hers as he went deeper and rocked her.

Everything she coveted built to a crescendo and when it came, so did she.  A mind blowing wild rush of intense pleasure claimed her, radiating out from her center to spread through her body.  Her hands gripped him hard as she trembled with her release, her body pouring into his the way a flood stage river leaves the banks.  Gray shuddered against her, convulsed with his own physical completion and in a hoarse whisper uttered the words she craved, “I love you, Robin.”

To win, just leave a comment here on the blog and be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!

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  1. Nice excerpt and great pics! Thanks for participating in our hop!

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  10. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. HOT excerpt - thanks for the pics too - I don't remember Hugh Jackman looking that good - but he was FINE in Van Helsing!
    Thanks for the giveaway & opening it internationally :)
    Kel xx

  12. Greta excerpt and eye candy to start my work day.


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  19. Great excerpt! Sounds so good! Definitely a hooker! :D And nice pictures. There some yummy hunks! :D Thank you for the fun hop and the great giveaway! :)

  20. Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway
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