Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things About Miss Good Samaritan

My next novel comes out in a few days and it's a contemporary romantic suspense novel called  Miss Good Samaritan.  I'm excited about the release - even though this will mark my 13th novel, the anticipation and joy haven't diminished yet so I thought I'd share thirteen things about the novel in advance of its release.

I'm not counting this in the thirteen but here's the cover - one of many I love by Rebel Ink Press' own Carl J. Franklin:

And now here are thirteen things about the novel:

1. The heroine - Robin Cavanaugh - is a librarian

2. The hero - Grayson Holcomb - is a law enforcement officer

3. His friends call him "Gray"

4. He's working undercover to bust a drug ring as "Spike McGee"

5. Spike wears biker style leathers with some Punk/Goth touches

6. Robin's ordinary Saturday goes haywire when Spike leaps into her car at a traffic light, wounded and bleeding

7. The story is set primarily in Tulsa, Oklahoma but some chapters are set in my hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri

8. Supporting characters include Gray's brother, Dr. Jackson Holcomb

9. Gray's nephews, teenagers Brian and Charlie, are part of the story too

10. Gray drives a pickup truck but when he's Spike, he rides a motorcycle

11. Gray and Robin's trip to St. Joe is cut short when they learn Charlie's in serious condition in the ICU

12. Gray must go undercover one more time as Spike to finish the investigation once and for all

13. Whether or not he can survive his last undercover operation is anybody's guess.

Here's the blurb:
Robin Cavanaugh's ordinary Saturday goes awry when a wounded man leaps
into her car at a traffic light and refuses to go to the hospital. Robin's
first instinct is to take him to the nearest police station but when he
tells her his name, she realizes he's a member of her church. He swears
he's one of the good guys and Robin feels inclined to believe him. So she
takes him home and tends his wounds.

When his condition worsens, she even uses his cell phone to contact what
turns out to be his brother, the local medical doctor. Robin soon learns
that Gray is no criminal but an undercover agent whose life may be in

As their relationship develops and Gray heals, Robin becomes part of the
action, too. When she gives him her heart and accepts his marriage
proposal, Robin has no idea if he'll survive his last undercover operation
or not.
And how about one more peek at the cover:

Available beginning April 3 from Rebel Ink Press at, Barnes and Noble, All Romance Ebooks, Coffeetime Romance and more!

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  1. I like that she is a librarian! The book sounds very interesting.


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