Monday, March 19, 2012

Thunderstorms Coming - A Time To Love

We've got thunderstorms heading our way and I thought of the thunderstorms in my first time travel novel, A Time To Love.  We're also expecting heavy rain - flood warnings are already out and if the storms get intense, I'll be logging off line and reading myself.   So for anyone looking for a good read, here's an excerpt from A Time To Love.


“No problem. It’s fixin’ to storm and I’m headin’ home.”

The sky to the west was heavy with black clouds and when Samuel raised his aching eyes, he saw the first fingers of lightning over Oklahoma.  May could produce some wicked storms, he mused, but he didn’t care.  It was just weather.

Samuel refilled his glass. When it was empty, he drank from the bottle. The storm moved in. Lightning crackled off the mountaintops and thunder rumbled in a bass growl as the temperature dropped and a sudden, sharp breeze raked the porch. The wind howled around the eaves of the old cabin and a rush of wild exhilaration drove him into the yard.

Above his head, the clouds parted to unleash a downpour. He could not see or hear anything over the rush of water and roar of wind but a wild pagan joy made him limber as he cavorted in joyful dance.

“Ahhhhh!” he cried in wordless expression of his pleasure.

Lightning danced like the moving finger of God Almighty. One of the flashes revealed a woman in the lane. Her knee length black hair tumbled in disarray and her ankle length dark dress clung wet to her skin. She also wore a white pinafore apron and old-fashioned button up shoes. He gaped at the woman in disbelief and shook his head. What he saw seemed surreal.

She’s the woman from my dream. Damn, this is strange.

He had no more time to ponder the situation because she grasped his shirt and jerked him toward the cabin. He struggled and pushed against her hands without success because, lacking sobriety, his motor skills didn’t work right. He felt her tiny hand shove the small of his back so hard he toppled.

The sodden ground smacked his face as singing electricity lifted the fine hairs on his arms. His ears roared as lightning struck the pine above them. Splinters and shards of the shattered tree flew and Samuel tasted sap as a stray sliver touched his tongue. A large limb lay inches from his head and smoldered. The smoke made his throat ache but he felt lucky to be alive. She had saved him from injury or death[n1] .

He wiggled to his feet with clumsy motions and offered her a hand so she could rise.

“Thank you.” Humility brought gratitude into his heart, swelling it with stronger emotion than he had known in many months.

“You’re very welcome.” Her voice was a rich alto that fell easy on his ears. “We should seek shelter.”

At her suggestion, he dashed toward the porch.  He retrieved his bottle and drained it to gain anesthesia from his emotion. The harsh liquor jolted his stomach and a strange sensation rocketed through him as the alcohol hit hard and fast. He felt himself pitch forward but by the time he met the floor, he was unconscious.

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