Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Patrick Murphy!

Eleven years ago today my son Patrick decided he wanted to be born.  On a balmy, blue-skied first day of spring Patrick didn’t pay any attention to what the medical staff thought at Freeman West in Joplin and started the birth process without asking first.  He remains just as headstrong and stubborn (not to mention handsome) today as he celebrates his birthday.

 The baby I brought home from the hospital, youngest of my children, has grown into a boy who gets taller each day or so it seems.  He also resembles my father as a boy more each year and looking into Patrick’s face is like having a peek into the past, to see my dad as a child.

 It is also an enriching experience to watch the infant develop a personality and to evolve into a walking, talking, running, singing, playing child.  I’ve watched this metamorphosis with each of my children with shock and awe.

 As every parent realizes, some sooner rather than later, time passes with speed.  My son is eleven years old today but once I blink, two years pass and he’s a teenager.  The year Patrick becomes a teen will be the same year his twin sisters graduate from high school.  When he was born, I calculated the dates and looked down what seemed like a distant vista to the time it would happen.  It seemed so far away, the way growing up and adulthood do to a child but now we’re closing in on the home stretch.

 Two years from now, we’ll be looking at swift changes in our family dynamics and home.   As Patrick moves from the Neosho Middle School to the high school for eighth grade, his sisters will be graduating and embarking on the first day of the rest of their lives.  It sounds like a line from a 1970’s poster (and is) but it’s also reality.  My girls already receive communications from colleges around the nation and they’ve already begun to tentatively think about where they would like to continue their education.  The daily mail is filled with letters and cards from so many colleges I would need a score card to keep track, schools ranging from Brown University in distant Rhode Island to Loyola University in Chicago and Tulsa University.  If it’s a well known four year college in Missouri, my daughters have probably received at least one letter from the school.   Some of the letters also come addressed to the parents and my already burgeoning email inbox now includes messages from college admissions. 

 Some of the changes are already underway.  Both of my daughters are active in school programs, one in debate and one in drama.  Over the next two years I expect the number of events, practices, and social engagements to increase.

 But for today the focus is on my son’s 11th birthday.  We’ll have a cake (courtesy of the wonderful staff and bakery at Price Cutter Supermarket), probably go out for a special meal to mark the occasion, and a few gifts to mark the anniversary of Patrick’s birth.

 I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures for posterity and for the memory book because one day he’s eleven, the next thing I know he’ll be twelve, thirteen, and then eighteen.

 In the meantime, I just keep writing so I can fund all these activities and plan ahead for education.  It’s a busy life and sometimes I need more hours in the day.  But I have no complaints and if I could change anything at all, I would opt to slow down time just a little bit to savor the passing moments.


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  1. Have to chime in on this. Congrats on your baby's birthday! My twin girls turn 1 tomorrow, and my boy is 6 next week. I can't imagine being where you are, with them getting close to graduation and/or middle school. Children are a blessing, one I still fail to fully grasp at times.

    You're doing well, for them to be attracting college interest, so WTG Mom!


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