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Feeling Lucky: Day Two With Love Scars And More

March is here and if you have even a wee drop of Irish blood you know what it means - St. Patrick's Day is approaching. My name - Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy - adds the married surname of my husband's family but despite the Sontheimer I was born with, I have an Irish heritage of my own. My mother's maiden name is Neely and her dad, Pat Neely, is who my son, Patrick Murphy, is named after. Some of my Granny's family also hailed from County Armagh, not too far outside the little town of Keady (well known in some circles because folk singer Tommy Makem originated there). So there are Irish sprigs on my family tree and I've had some very close friends from Ireland as well.

Maybe it will come as no surprise many of my stories and novel feature an Irish flavor. In my Love Covenant paranormal romance series from Evernight Publishing, my sexy vampire is an Irishman, born over two hundred years ago in the village of Toombe. If one good looking Irish vampire isn't enough, never fear - his brother Seamus makes an appearance in the third book and will be in all the rest. The Love Covenant books are Love Tattoo, Love Scars, Love Knots, and Love Shadows which came out last month. The other books to complete the series will be Love Echoes and Love Legacy.

I have a short stand alone from Silver Publishing, World Without End, Amen.

In the collection, Jack-O-Spec, now print, includes my story Forty Eight Hours A Year with an Irish setting.

And my short historical sweet novella (with a sequel coming soon) The Marriage Cure features my Irish-Cherokee hero, Johnny Devaney.

So if I count correctly, that's seven Irish themed works. The Feeling Lucky Giveaway Blog Hop runs for seven days. So I thought I'd give away a book a day, all ebook format (PDF) except for Jack-O-Spec.

If you want to win, leave a comment and the day after the hop ends, March 14, I'll draw winners for each of the above works. If you want a specific title, say so in your comment and be sure to leave your email addy!

For Day Two of the Feeling Lucky Giveaway Blog Hop I'm featuring the second book in my Love Covenant series, Love Scars:

And here's the blurb and an excerpt:


After marrying her sexy undead husband Will Brennan, Cara Riley Brennan thought her happy ending would last forever but she soon learned that the course of true love doesn’t ever run quite that smooth.  Just when she thought they were settling into eternal bliss, Sallie Hawkins, the woman who made Will into a vampire in the past, intrudes into their lives.  She’s wicked, she’s jealous, and she won’t stop till either Will or Cara is dead.

Her psychic presence tortures them both in body and soul but when she arrives outside their home in the flesh things go from bad to worse.   Cara and Will realize that confrontation is inevitable.

When the three meet for battle, they all may not survive and in the end, who lives and who dies is up to Cara who will do anything to keep her chance at a permanent happily ever after ending intact.


“If I go,” I chose my words with care, “then I’ll go after you love me.”

            His gaze narrowed as he studied me.  He knew me well enough that he didn’t expect me to go so easy.  To distract him from details, I took his face between my hands and kissed him.  I let my lips stroke his mouth and within seconds, he kissed me back.

            His mouth touched mine with smooth, easy tenderness.  His elastic lips molded to mine and clung as if glued in place.  Will’s mouth caressed mine and then, he removed his so that he could trace the outline of my lips with one finger.  That same digit traced my nose, circled around each eye, and caressed my face as if committing it to memory.   Those light strokes made music that my nerves heard, sang notes that my soul heard and kept.  

            He stroked my hair, combed it back from my face as he gazed at me as if I were the most precious, beautiful thing in the world.  His soft eyes loved me with their light and his hands left my hair to fondle my body with exquisite, excruciating slowness.  I think he touched every inch of skin, light and delicate.   He handled me as if I were made of thin, fragile glass that would shatter at a rough touch.

            His hands evoked such response that my skin prickled with desire.  I wasn’t cold but tiny goose bumps erupted across my flesh, raised from desire.   His easy caresses echoed through me and I responded.  He kissed and teased my neck, my shoulders, with baby kisses that fluttered against my sensitive skin like angel wings.  When he reached my breasts, he kissed each one and fondled each with his big hands.  He cupped them as if they were as brittle as egg shells then bent his mouth to kiss, then suckled each nipple.  My nipples stiffened in his mouth as shock waves of total desire flooded my senses.

             As Will’s hands played over my body I realized that this was more than just making love; he used every soft touch, each tender stroke to say good-bye.   His unhurried movements committed each touch, each moment to memory so that he could savor it.   That almost jolted me out of my rising desire – he must plan for me to be away for a long time.

             He fingered my belly and touched my bush with the same deliberate tenderness and I ran my fingers through his curls with force.  His gentle hand evoked my need and I wanted something different.  Where he gave me softness, I craved hardness.   I wanted it rough and wet.

             So I pulled his head to mine and I kissed with lips with the smoldering force of a lit fuse, a short one.  I bit at his lip, nibbled until I felt his mood shift from quiet devotion toward leaping flame.  To feed that fire, I kissed him hard and then dropped my mouth to his nipples.  I felt them pucker with chill bumps beneath my tongue and my own heat level soared.

              Will’s hands touched my honey pot and caressed, rubbing me in a way that might satisfy a cat but that only made me ache for more.  I reached down and caught his hands in mine.  Then I dropped to my knees so that I could take him into my mouth.   I caressed him with my tongue in slow circles intended to drive him crazy.  From the little moans and yips that came out of his mouth, I think it worked very well.   I felt him grow in my mouth and after that, he forgot gentle and gave it to me the way I wanted.

            Will grabbed me and opened my knees to make way for what he would do next.  With me spread out on the floor, he climbed on top and entered me with a fast, harsh thrust that made me yell with joy.  I arched up to meet him and pushed to make the sensations I felt expand.  As he dived deeper, I drowned in a deluge of sensation, an overflow of physical delight that rippled through my body like floodtide waters.  Like a sensual baptism, Will took me to the grave and then brought me back.

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