Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wicked, Wanton Wonderful Wednesday: Excerpt From "A Patient Heart"

Welcome to a brand new month and the release, a few days early, of my new contemporary romance from Rebel Ink Press.  A Patient Heart debuted into the world yesterday with a rush of excitement and I'm happy to say I'm already gathering great feedback on my Valentine's Day release.   So, here's a wanton little taste from my quintessential bad boy, Connor Donavan.....if you like it, just buy the book!

“I need you now,” he said as his mouth fastened onto hers. His lips burned like fever against her mouth and he claimed her with powerful urgency. Connor forced his tongue deep into her open mouth and French kissed her, the caress connecting them on a physical level she’d not experienced since they were still teens. His spark caught and burned as she became part of the conflagration unable to stop and with no desire to end the kiss.
Connor’s need increased and within moments, mouths still joined he stripped away the briefs and T-shirt he’d been sleeping in. His hands grasped the flimsy little gown she wore and ripped it, the fragile cloth tearing as he pulled too hard before he removed it. That garment hit the floor and he moved his mouth from her lips to the base of her throat. His lips seared that sensitive spot there with combined reverence and need. Catherine moaned with delight as her hands, cautious of the healing spots, roamed his body with the same hunger. She stroked his skin, savoring the feel of it against her hands and ran her fingers over the curves of his body, tighter and leaner now than in the past. He let his mouth stray from her throat down to her breasts. Connor kneaded her full breasts with gentle but firm hands and let his lips trace a slow, wet circle around each nipple. Her nipples perked up, came to attention like two little soldiers and tingled with yearning. Then Connor slid his tongue in an arc toward her belly while she nibbled at his neck, her teeth pricking the skin just enough to cause groans of desire from his busy mouth.
Catherine grasped his erect proud cock with one hand and caressed the length of the shaft before taking it into her mouth. To do so, she twisted into position like an agile gymnast and once her lips encased it, she sucked as he paused to make loud pleasure noises that fueled her own desire.
“Don’t quit,” he managed to say through his groans. “Oh, Kitty Cat, don’t stop.”
Catherine let her teeth play up and down his member until she didn’t think he could bear anymore. “Love me, Connor.”
As teenagers, their first time just happened but after it, they made love as often as they could, sneaking time from school and using that over garage rec room when they didn’t have to share with her brother and sister. There’d always been an element of danger, the chance of being caught but now, it was Cat and Connor, nothing else, no barrier, and no restraint.
Connor maneuvered her beneath him and she opened her legs wide for him, lifting them until she wrapped them around his torso. He speared into her with the violent force of a sudden storm, his cock diving deep into her waiting warmth. Catherine arched to meet him, her body willing and eager. As his hardness came into her inner sanctum she contracted her vaginal walls to caress him and when he filled her, they clasped hands. Two bodies strained together, melting and molding into one as they rose together striving for that moment of total union that would bring physical bliss.
He grasped her fingers so tight it hurt but she never complained. Catherine drew her legs closer against him and the first rush of pleasure rolled over her with such power that she whimpered.
“More,” she begged, “Oh, Connor, give me more.”
Connor thrust and strained, face intent with effort. “Come with me, Kitty Cat, come now.”
In a dizzy whirl of flesh, heat, and light they attained orgasm at the same instant. That intense fury, the amazing pleasure rocked Catherine and she screamed out his name, lost in the utter tide of passion. Wicked fever consumed her flesh and with his body, Connor claimed her and marked her as his, now and forever.
By the time they came down from that peak, she was weak and Connor collapsed beside her. He panted for breath but his grin proclaimed he felt fine. He stretched out his left arm to cradle her against him and she cuddled there, content.

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