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A Warm Friday Welcome To Debut Author PK Morris

I'm delighted to have debut author PK Morris in the house today - her new story "A Single Man's Valentine" is part of the brand new Valentine's Day anthology from Rebel Ink Press Tempting Cupid.

The novel is climbing the sales rankings as we speak - an amazing debut work!

It may be her debut work but I have a hunch - a strong one - we're going to be seeing much more from this talented writer.

Let's get to know PK Morris first, then we'll enjoy her blurb and an excerpt from her story - then we'll let her take center stage with some thoughts on release day anxiety.
What’s your favorite thing about being a writer/author?
The writing! I love coming up with new stories and characters and seeing what kind of drama will ensue.

What’s your least favorite thing?
Not knowing if someone outside of your family will actually be interested in buying your story. But I think every writer has a little bit of that fear.
Why do you write?
I write because sometimes you need to get away from your own life and also because it can be very cathartic. Writing is a really good way to clear my head because I have so many thoughts and ideas that wind up being stories.

Do you read the same genre that you write?
Of course! I love romance and I love erotic romance. Why or why not? I don’t just read it because I generally like the genres, but because it can give me inspiration for my own stories or even how to make my writing better.

Favorite authors or books (just list a few):
I’m reading The Hunger Games trilogy right now and that’s definitely a favorite. I also loved The Twilight Saga and You Can Run But You Can’t Hide which is an autobiography by Duane “Dog” Chapman, the bounty hunter
When did you first consider being a writer?
When I was younger, I never really thought of “considering” it. It was just always something that I loved to do from a very young age. But when I got into my twenties I decided that once I got the courage and thought my writing had gotten better, that maybe I’d give it a try. But I was so scared of rejection that it took me years to finally take the leap.

What was the first thing you ever wrote?
The first thing I ever wrote was a story about a doe and her twin babies that lived in my grandma’s back yard. It was like my own little version of Bambi. It was cute and had illustrations. I think I was six or seven.
What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I love going to concerts and listening to music, reading, knitting, watching TV and, of course, cuddling with my dog.

What’s your favorite destination when you want to unwind or have fun?
Starbucks. Seriously. I love going there with my best friend, getting a coffee and just hanging out, writing.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
Hmm, I don’t really know. I don’t think there’s a specific place really, but somewhere that’s warm and has a beach probably. Somewhere that I could go to a lot of concerts… which sort of sounds like LA to me. Haha.

What’s your current project and what’s coming next for you as an author?
My current project is promotion! I have a short story called A Single Man’s Valentine coming out on February 3rd, 2012 with Rebel Ink Press. It’ll be in a Valentine’s themed anthology entitled Tempting Cupid.

Are your family and friends supportive?
They are very supportive and I appreciate that to no end.

Self-promotion – love it or hate it?
I’m just getting the hang of it, so I’ll let you know!

Here's where you can find PK:

A Single Man’s Valentine Blurb

Kris Goodwin wants to spend his first Valentine's Day since his divorce alone in his apartment with a case of beer. But his best friend Jake has other ideas and shows up unannounced. Jake has brought supplies for what he calls the perfect single man's Valentine's Day; take-out, flowers, romantic comedies and a box of chocolates.

As the evening progresses, Jake admits the harmless crush he's had on Kris isn't quite as harmless as he's made it out to be. He's actually in love with Kris. Then Kris tells Jake the real reason behind his divorce.


Jake leaned his mouth close to Kris’ ear and began to sing quietly.
When the most romantic lines of the song came about, Jake tilted Kris’ head back so he could look into Kris’ eyes as he sang about loving Kris and needing him. About how Jake wanted him to stay now that they’d found each other and Jake wanted Kris to just let Jake love him. “I mean it, Kris,” Jake murmured. “I love you.”

Kris smiled gently. “I love you, too, Jake.”

The older man shook his head. “No, Kris. I mean, I love you. It was never just a harmless crush. Why do you think that last guy and I split up?”
“I know it isn’t a harmless crush,” Kris replied.
“You… you do?” Jake was shocked.
Kris nodded. “I love you too. Why do you think Jill and I are divorced?”
“I thought it was because she didn’t like how much you had to travel for your music,” Jake said confused.
Kris shrugged. “That’s just what we told people. It was really you. It was always you, Jake.”
Jake brushed his fingers through Kris’ hair. “Then why did you want to drink yourself into oblivion tonight?”
“Because,” Kris sighed. “I thought I was going to be all alone on Valentine’s Day.”
“Then why were you grumpy when I showed up?”
Kris shrugged and averted his eyes. “You showed up and you kept saying how this was the perfect single guy’s Valentine’s Day. I’ve never known how to make the first move, I always waited for you to do it. I guess it just kind of annoyed me that you showed up on Valentine’s day as just my friend.” He shrugged and looked down his hands.
Jake tilted Kris’ face back towards his so they were eye to eye, brown to blue. “I’ve never been just your friend,” he murmured.
“No?” Kris asked.
Jake shook his head. “It’s always been you. But you were always one hundred percent straight.” A small smirk turned up the corner of his mouth and Kris grinned back.
“Well, that’s obviously false,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been a hundred percent straight. Especially after meeting you, because really, it was love at first sight for me.” Kris blushed a deep shade of red. He couldn’t believe he actually admitted it out loud.

And now let's let PK Morris take the floor....

First Release Anxiety

A Single Man’s Valentine is my first published work of any kind and it comes out tomorrow. Along with the complete excitement of being published comes anxiety and all the “What ifs.”

What if no one likes it?

What if no one buys it?

What if I get bad reviews?

I could probably list a thousand “What ifs” for you… but I won’t. I can probably cross off the What if no one buys it one as my short story is going to be in an anthology called, Tempting Cupid and there are plenty of known writers in it that will garner attention. But then there’s, What if only my family buys it? and What if my family doesn’t like it? That last one is the hardest for me because they are all so excited to read it and I don’t want to disappoint them.

I’ve been told I’m a people pleaser and yes, that even counts towards my writing; something I’ve always sworn I would only do to please myself. But in reality I want what I do to be liked. I know I can’t please everyone, but I want to and that’s hard. But the thing is, I’m my own worst enemy. I’m my own worst critic. I’m harder on myself than anyone else is on me and that’s probably what makes my first-release-anxiety so high.

I think, in the end, my family will be extremely proud of me whether my story is their cup of tea or not. And in the end, I need to be proud of what I’ve accomplished. My biggest goal in life was to get published and now I am. You’d think that knowing you’re good enough to be published would be enough to set aside your anxiety, but it really isn’t. Just because your publisher likes it, doesn’t mean the readers will. But that is a risk I took when I sent this story in to Rebel Ink Press. It’s a risk we all take when we send our manuscripts in. Some of us are liked and some of us aren’t; some of our stories are liked while other things we’ve written tank.

They say life is all about risks, that anything worth doing is hard and you have to fight for it. Right now I’m fighting my anxiety for it. I’m fighting for the excitement your first published release gives you. But through all this anxiety and all this excitement and fear and hard work, the one thing I have to remember is to be proud of my accomplishment. I have to remember that I’ve succeeded just by getting published. I’m living my dream right now and for that, I should push the anxiety away and hold tight to the excitement. I expect that even seasoned writers get nervous when a release date is approaching. But hopefully it gets easier with each one.

I guess when all is said and done, and I take a close look at what I’m really feeling, beneath it all I am so proud of myself that tears are welling in my eyes as I write this. I never thought I’d get this far with my writing. Even though I knew dreams could come true, I never thought it would happen to me. Yet here I sit, on the eve of my release, humbled that anyone would like my work enough to want to sell it. I’m humbled and grateful that someone took a chance with me. Maybe anxiety over my release will be the worst part of it all.
Now that’s something I can live with

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