Monday, February 27, 2012

Upcoming Covers And What's New

One of the most exciting things as an author is receiving the book covers for an upcoming novel.  It's amazing to see how cover artists take the basics of the story and create covers which so express it.

I have several amazing and lovely covers coming up within the next few months and I thought I'd share them.  Some have been posted on the blog or elsewhere but here they are in order of appearance:

My next Rebel Ink Press release is out April 3....Miss Good Samaritan.  The cover, by Carl J. Franklin, looks like this:

In May, I'm proud to announce my first full length historical, a novel set in the past with no time travel elements.  It's a World War II era set in the small town where I live, Neosho, Mo and deals also with Camp Crowder, best known as the "real" Campy Swampy in Mort Walker's Beetle Bailey comic strip.  I love this cover for In The Shadow of War, also by Carl J. Franklin.  The novel is out May 17 from Rebel Ink Press.

Next up (although somewhere in May will also be my contributition to the Father's Day special anthology from Rebel Ink Press and my novella, Long Live The King from Champagne Books) will be another historical from Rebel Ink Press, one very dear to my heart because it's set in my hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri in the old neighborhood.  My grandparents stories helped inspired this one and here is the lovely cover - so far it's a toss up whether this one or the one just above are my favorites.

The novel is called Guy's Angel and here is the cover also by Carl J. Franklin!

Meanwhile I'm still hard at work at my newest WIP, set in 1930's Oklahoma and another novel, Heart of the Ozarks will be out sometime later this year from Rebel Ink Press.  I'm also working on the fifth book in the Love Covenant series for Evernight Publishing.

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  1. Love the covers for the upcoming books! Yay on the full length historical:)


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