Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things To Love About Connor Donavan

Who is Connor Donavan?

He's the hero of my new contemporary romance A Patient Heart, just out this week from Rebel Ink Press.  Connor is a quintessential bad boy with a heart of gold and lots of love to give - to the right woman.

I personally think there are more than thirteen things to love about Connor but here we go:

1. Connor resembles Hugh Jackman.  How much hotter can he be? (I'm a major fan of Hugh Jackman, what a surprise!)

2.  Connor drives a hot, cherry red Trans-Am.  Can we shout classic? Can we yell "hot ride"?

3.  He also has - well, until he crashed it - a motorcycle.  Who hasn't hung onto a sexy hunk barrelling down the open highway on the back of a motorcyle? I have and it's an incredible rush, flirting with possible death and just awesome.

4.  Connor owns a very cool night club with an even cooler name - For My Sins.

5.  He's sexy as hell, a real tough guy but he's vulnerable too underneath....

6.  Connor loves to kiss Catherine and he kisses oh my God so well
 His lips burned like fever against her mouth and he claimed her with powerful urgency. Connor forced his tongue deep into her open mouth and French kissed her, the caress connecting them on a physical level she’d not experienced since they were still teens. His spark caught and burned as she became part of the conflagration unable to stop and with no desire to end the kiss

7.   He's loved Catherine the entire ten years they've been apart (how sweet, how faithful!)

8.  Connor sacrified his love for Catherine for her sake (it's an amazing gesture and you'll just have to read the book to find out how and why!)

9. He's brash - he's cocky - he can be arrogant - and he has a temper.  Such a volatile mix - oh, yeah!

10. Connor can be tender, very gentle, loving and totally amazing when he wants to be - mostly with Cat

11.  He can't stand for his lady to cry, not ever.  It tears him up inside.

12.  Connor, despite his bad boy reputation, never has been on the wrong side of the law.  He earned his money to open his club the old fashioned way - with hard work.

13.  Connor Donavan is an amazing lover with a sensual touch.
When Connor entered her moist vagina she cried out with the utter joy, the physical pleasure underlined with love. They strained together until they reached one peak, then another, and a third before they collapsed, sated and together onto the bed.

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