Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Sample - Take A Taste of "In Love's Own Time"

So it's Saturday and it's likely when I head out to the supermarket (an inevitable chore) I'll find cheerful ladies with aprons offering me samples of everything from Little Smokies to Doritos.  Sometimes I take a taste, sometimes I just roll on past with my shopping cart and say "no thanks".  Once in awhile I like it enough to buy the product.

That's my hope today - offer up a sample taste from my time travel/contemporary/historical/fantasy/paranormal recent release In Love's Own Time and maybe my blog followers and others will want a bigger bite.

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen:

Here’s a little taste from the day they inadvertently return to 1904 and realize just what may be possible:

                “Lillian.” Howard sounded hoarse, his voice cracking with emotion although she wasn’t sure which one, fear, elation, or sorrow.  “This is 1904.”

                “How could it be?” Even as she protested, she knew it was true.  The old house was new.  The smell of fresh paint mingled with the Dutch cake aroma and as she’d noticed earlier, the book covers were bright.  Howard’s sheet music pages never yellowed but sparkled unblemished white.  It was true and if it was 1904, then Howard was alive.  He wasn’t a ghost.  

                Lillian reached for him, stretched out her hand to touch him, and closed her fingers over his arm.  Through the wool of his sleeve, his skin was warm, so alive, and tears formed in her eyes.  Her right hand stroked the curve of his cheek and she clasped his hand with the other.   He twined his fingers through hers, tight as if he might never let go, and pulled her right hand to his lips, brushing her skin with a faint, soft kiss.

                “Oh, Howard.”  Her voice broke.  “Howard, you’re real.”

                She could touch him now and she could smell him, a rich masculine aroma of soap and leather, and the outdoors.  Before, he’d been a ghost, not tangible, not touchable but for now, he was both and she reveled in him with every sense.  She touched his hair with trembling fingers and rubbed her cheek against his suit jacket.  When she lifted her face, his eyes blazed with emotion and she knew before he bent down they’d kiss.

                In her dream, the kiss’d been sweet but in reality, it was sweeter.  His lips heated hers, melted, and moved against her mouth until she couldn’t breathe.  She put her arms around his neck and he held her, one hand flat against her back.   Until now, he’d been unattainable, almost fantasy, but now he was a man, a man who held her in his arms, and she wanted him.  Desire burned like a wavering candle flame but without warning, Howard released her.

                “Lillian, I forgot myself.  You must forgive me.”

                Her lips, bruised from his mouth, stretched into a smile. “I’ll never forgive you if you don’t kiss me again, Howard.”

                “I shouldn’t.” His voice sounded muffled. “But I’ll, sweet Lillian, though I shouldn’t.  However, for the moment I’m alive. Carpe diem!”

I also have a book trailer here:

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