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Naughty After Dark.....How Naughty Do You Want?

How naughty do you want it?
How naughty do you want it? How do you like it? Scroll on through all the other great stops on the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop Giveaway to read a smoking hot excerpt from LOVE SHADOWS and your chance to win!

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So many naughty places to go - so many wicked prizes to win! Come join the fun as A Page In The Life joins in the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop.

I'm offering up an eBook copy (in any format) of my latest Love Covenant Book, Love Shadows.  It's the fourth book in my Love Covenant paranormal romance series which will have six books when it's completed.  Love Tattoo, Love Scars, Love Knots are also available as the first three books of the series.
I'm sharing an excerpt from Love Shadows and if you can't wait or want to start the series from book one, feel free!  It's available - along with my other Evernight titles at Evernight Publishing's website.  All of my titles from all publishers are found at All Romance E Books,, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand and more!

And now the excerpt:

               Ever since Lafe Bishop told me how close to death – to an eternal end to existence – I came, I craved sex with a ravenous appetite.  Last night, even though Will felt that singing, soaring electricity between us, he wouldn’t give in because I remained so fragile.   During the long day, I’d healed more and I felt almost normal again.   To kindle his desire, I touched my own lips to his throat, kissing with a light caress and letting my teeth, my fangs rake over the skin.  Before he came awake, I felt him harden against me, his cock ready for what I needed most of all.
               “No sooner met than they looked, no sooner looked but they loved, no sooner loved but they sighed but they asked one another the reason, no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy,” Will whispered, his eyes drawing mine as if through magic. “Do you need to seek a remedy for what ails you, mo anam cara?”
               “I do,” I told him, one hand straying down to touch him between the legs.
               “Do you feel up to this?” he asked and meant it.  If I said ‘no’, he would stop.  “If it’s too soon, leannĂ¡n, we can stop.”
               “Don’t you dare even think about it.”
               He laughed with that sound that reminded me of chimes, musical and sweet. “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”
               “Then love me tender,” I whispered, quoting Elvis.
               With the infinite patience of the stars, Will Brennan put his mouth over mine, as rich and sweet as the somnolent scent of honeysuckle on a summer night.  His lips stroked mine with such slow heat that I burned, not the savage flame that hurt so much on Halloween but a gentle fever that moved through my blood like intoxication.  That mouth cherished me as if my lips held the riches of all ages, a king’s treasure.  Will’s kisses teased over me like a whisper, reminding me of a light wind that might fondle a cheek or toss a lock of hair.   He handled me as if I might be as fragile as an exquisite antique of extreme value.  He touched me with care as if I might break if he didn’t.   
                As his hands moved over my body like heat lightning on a humid night, elusive, my skin became so sensitive that each stroke sent a thousand nerve cells tingling.  When his mouth left my lips, they mourned his leaving but I had no time to think because his lips tickled down my throat, nipping and licking where my veins ran.  He followed the largest, using his tongue to trace its course until he reached my breasts.  Will used his thumb to rub against each nipple, one at a time, in a circular fashion that brought the buds to bloom.  He cupped my tits in his hands as if he held eggs, delicate and easy to break, and the weight of his hands against my flesh tortured me but in such an exquisite way that I wanted more.  Then he ran his hands down my sides, palms against my body, in a slow rhythm that filled me with a music that rang in my head.   
               When I raised my hand to touch him, he stayed it.  
               “Let me,” he said, his voice just a faint rustle audible in the roaring I heard in my ears. “Let me do it all, mo anam cara.”
                I yielded, slave to his master, and allowed to do what he wanted.  My body became his to command, his to take and he did with such deliberate measure that I thought I might languish there, imprisoned forever.  When he entered me, his rod stiff and hard, he burrowed into my warmth, my wet cave that waited for him without force or hammering.   Instead of conquering with might, Will poured into me like a tide sweeping over a beach, natural and powerful.  I felt the impact of his arrival and knew the sweet, sweet release as he covered me.   He filled me to capacity and then he bucked, no longer able to control his own need, yet even then with a gentle consideration.
               I rose to meet him halfway, drawing him deeper into myself so that when the moment we sought came, we rode it like a Fourth of July rocket into the stratosphere of our souls and let it explode over us with brilliant joy.  The release brought me to such a brink of physical pleasure that I cried out, unable to contain it and Will stopped my noise with his mouth, with a kiss that gave me the remaining roughness I craved.  He kissed me hard, his mouth all but raping mine as I gloried in the sensation, coming again in a breaking tide that consumed us both.


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  9. Very hot excerpt! Thanks for sharing it with us. I have some of your other books but for some reason didn't know about this series so I'll be adding them to my list.

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