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Love Is In The Air - Let's Celebrate With Romance!

Love is in the air as we approach Valentine's Day.  Hearts and flowers, chocolates and cheesecake, wine and song....however we celebrate the day, it's almost here.  Now as a romance author (and of course a reader of romance) it's one of my favorite seasons.  

As part of the long awaited With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop, I've got prizes to giveaway, excerpts to share from my newest release, my upcoming releasea and all my novels.   But don't stop here - head on out and around to the hundreds of other stops on the hop for more chances to win.  The number of prizes is incredible and some of the prize offerings are just amazing.

Check them all out at The BlogHopSpot event page for the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop:

I'm offering up one grand prize to be given away at the end of the hop  - an eBook edition of my new contemporary Valentine's Day themed romance, A Patient Heart  and a print copy of Love Never Fails but I'm also giving away daily prizes each day of the hop.

Today, I'm giving away a full PDF four novel set of my paranormal romance series from Evernight Publishing, The Love Covenant Series: Love Tattoo, Love Scars, Love Knots and just out this week, the long awaited book four of the series, Love Shadows.  There will be two more books down the road, too - Love Echoes and Love Legacy.

I'm also offering up one eBook copy of my first Rebel Ink title, Love Never Fails, because it remains one of my favorite stories, close to my heart.

So I'll start with an excerpt from A Patient Heart along with some of the details including a buy link or two in case you just can't wait (!)....and then one from Love Never Fails.

Remember to comment for your chance to win - both today's prizes AND the main giveaway.  Leave your comments here on A Page In The Life and be sure you leave me your email address.  If I don't have it, I can't can't send the prize or contact you if you should be a winner!!

A Patient Heart - Contemporary romance, Valentine’s Day theme, second chance at love
Rebel Ink Press (Feb 2, 2012) $4.99
 Blurb :

As a little girl, Catherine dreamed she'd marry Connor Donavan one day and as teenagers, that dream seemed within reach. Until Connor ended their relationship, leaving town and breaking Catherine's heart. Ten years later, far from the old hometown, Catherine reports for work as a nurse one snowy January evening and learns that her new patient is none other than her old love, Connor. When he recognizes her, all the old feelings stir but a few sparks fly, too. As Connor recovers from an accident, Catherine realizes she loves him more than ever and he seems to love her as well. But after he leaves the hospital and convalesces at her home, his real life intrudes into their quiet time together. Then Connor leaves Catherine behind and she stays until a message sends her speeding to Kansas City, to Connor's club... On Valentine's Day.
Always a nurse, she asked, “Would you like to go back to bed?”
He turned his head so he could face her. “I don’t unless you want to climb in with me.
All of sudden, he evoked the past, revived memories that sent a fever racing through her blood with warp speed. Whether he kidded or meant it, Catherine’s heart race increased, so much she was glad she wasn’t hooked to any monitors. Her breath caught somewhere between lungs and throat and then he winked.
“Scared you, didn’t I?” Connor said, laughter enriching his voice. “I’d love to just cuddle with you but somehow I figure they wouldn’t like it here.”
“No, I don’t think they would. You got my attention, though.”
“Did I really?” One minute he seemed tough, the next vulnerable and she couldn’t read him, decide which was real or if both were
“Oh, you do,” Catherine said. “But you might want to lose the Foley first, heal a bit more and get some strength back before you invite me into bed, here or anywhere.”
He shifted in the chair, winced and with a wry smile replied, “Point taken, lady. So if we can’t go to bed, what are we going to do?”
 Somehow she doubted they were going to play checkers but she laughed. “Tell me what’d you be doing right now if you were back home and not in the hospital.”
“What time is it?”
She checked her watch. “It’s almost seven.”
Connor sighed. “I’d be at my club and the early crowd would be there. We’d be serving drinks half price right up until seven and then we’d have an hour before the band, if we had one tonight. If not, I’d tend a little bar, keep an eye on everything, stroll through the place doing a meet and greet and keep everything rolling.”
“You do all that?”
“Yeah, I do most of the time.”
“Don’t you have any employees? You make it sound like a one-man operation.”
He chuckled. “It was when I started the place but I’ve got a couple, a guy named Larry who tends bar, Lupe, who works in the kitchen, and King, my bouncer. They handle a lot. Then I have three waitresses, Trixie, Lisa, and Jen.”
Catherine counted six, four of which were women. Green jealousy reared up, ugly and potent but in a mild tone she asked, “Are they running things while you’re gone?”
“I hope the hell they are,” he said, and then dismay clouded his face. “I hadn’t thought about it. How many days have I been here? Two?”
“This is the evening of the third full day,” she told him. “If you feel up to calling, I’ll loan you my cell phone.”
He wrinkled his nose. “Maybe I should call up there tomorrow. Tonight, they’ll be busy or they should be. What day of the week is it, anyway?”
“This is Tuesday.”
Connor nodded. “They should be able to handle it. I bet they wonder why I haven’t called by now – I planned to check in every day. Did you cancel my reservation or did I just dream you were going to do that?”
“I haven’t,” she said, “It slipped my mind but I can do it whenever you want.”
His eyelids drooped to half mast. “I’m tired tonight. Maybe you can take care of it tomorrow.”
“Okay. Now, seriously, do you want to lie back down? I can help you crawl back in bed without tangling the IV lines and the Foley cath.”
“Maybe in a few minutes,” he said. “I want to get my strength back and get out of here as soon as I can.”
Fatigue touched his face but under it she saw determination and stubborn will. On impulse Catherine rose from her seat on the bed and came behind the chair. She plucked a comb from her purse and fluffed out his shoulder length hair. “Then will you let me comb your hair? It’s a mess.”
“Yeah,” he said soft-voiced. “I’d like it.”
She laughed. “It may hurt – some of it is tangled. I’ll try to be gentle.”
She ran the comb through his hair, lank now from his hospital stay but she thought under normal circumstances it would be just as soft and thick as she remembered. Catherine worked the knots out of his locks with careful hands and he grunted with pleasure more than once.
“Don’t quit,” he said, eyes shut. “That feels nice.”
“Good.” Catherine teased the comb through his hair again. “Tomorrow maybe you can get a shave.”
“Maybe I should just let you shave it all,” he said.
A frisson rippled down her spine, delicious and cold as she imagined how he might look without facial hair. Curiosity warred with an inner appreciation of his moustache and beard which gave him an exotic flair and desire to restore him to the clean shaven look she recalled.
“It’s your call,” Catherine said and he grinned.
“My people at the club would crap,” Connor laughed, “It itches so I think I’ll let you shave it all. They won’t recognize me.”
But I did whiskers and all.

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Twitter: @leeannwriter

Rebel Writer: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

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Book trailer:

And from Love Never Fails:

LOVE NEVER FAILS (contemporary romance)
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Rebel Ink Press (May 29, 2011)
171 pages
Also available in paperback (232 pages)


Old love sometimes fades away...

When a late night phone call from the former love of her life interrupts
both her sleep and her otherwise quiet existence, Caroline Cunningham
finds she can’t refuse Reid Ramsay's request for help. As the call pulls
Caroline back to her small hometown and into the heart of the search for
Reid’s missing brother, Caroline finds the feelings she thought she'd
buried where Reid was concerned are indeed alive and well.

And sometimes it refuses to die...

Reid Ramsay is still in love with Caroline Cunningham. As they work
together searching for Reid's brother, Reid and Caro finding themselves
attempting to rebuild the life they once shared together. But their
future remains uncertain. Before they can find the happiness they seek,
each must work through the emotional baggage of the past and test the
theory they desperately hope rings true.

            “I have a craving.”    
            “What is it?  Pizza, Mexican, or Chinese?”
            “It’s you,” Caroline said and grabbed him by the collar.  With his face caught between her hands, she kissed him with all the need she'd held back for days. “Let’s go home.”
            His lips devoured hers, his hands claimed her and his eyes kindled with the same wild desire that ran through her like lighting through storm clouds.
            “Whatever you want, baby.”
            Once they reached his apartment, he tossed his keys onto the table and turned to her.  She met him halfway there, hands seeking him.  Her fingers combed through his hair, twirling his curls against as his mouth latched onto hers with force.   Her hands dropped to pull his shirt over his head and then she raked her nails down his back, tantalizing his warm flesh.   Reid moaned with pleasure, his lips fastened to hers, as his hands roamed down her body, fondling at a furious pace.
            Caroline freed her mouth and brought it down to suckle one of his nipples.  He shivered with pleasure as she began to nibble tiny love bites across his chest.   His hands stripped down her blue jeans and her bikini underwear slid down with them.    Reid touched her in that feminine fold and she gasped with delight.   
         She hungered for him, needed him to feel complete.  Caroline indulged, her body hot
 and her thoughts wicked sweet.   He must feel the same because he devoured her, ate her up with his eyes and consumed her with his mouth and hands.    All the stored tensions
melted, ebbing away so their pleasure could climb to new heights.
            Some time, somewhere in the process, they made it to the bedroom where Reid ravished her, taking her with his body and whispering delicious words of love.    Time ceased to matter and Caroline thought of nothing but Reid and the intimate pleasures that rocked her higher and higher until it was too great to hold and she climaxed, releasing it all in a wild burst of joy that Reid shared.
            Sated and sweaty, she lay back-- lips bruised, body tender, and totally happy.
            “Now I’m hungry,” Reid whispered
            “I’m starving.”
            Caroline was hungry but she basked in the somnolent warmth that lingered, reluctant to get up and dress.   If she could, she'd stay here forever, savoring this enchanted cocoon they built. But that was impossible.  Reality reared up, intruding into their space and she knew they had to get up.

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