Friday, January 13, 2012

We're In - Join Us For The Naughty Nights Press Six Month Blog Hop!!

It may be cold outside - it is here where I am - but we're heating things up with the Naughty Nights Press Six Months Blog Hop! Visit all the participating blogs for chances to win prizes, read excerpts, and enjoy some hot winter fun!

I'm giving away the winner's choice of any of my eBook titles...there are currently more than nine to chooose from plus if the winner wants to choose one of the anthologies I'm part of, I'm up with that as well.  Here's a quick link to my Amazon author page so potential winners can see the entire list available!

To heat things up, here's a sensual snippet from my most recent novel in my popular Love Covenant paranormal romance series from Evernight Publishing, Love Knots.  The next novel, number four in the series of six, is coming soon but for now here's a taste of how erotic things get between my sexy Irish vampire Will Brennan and his feisty little Texas bride Cara:

Will poured us each a glass of a dark, sweet red wine and we sipped it.  When our glasses stood empty, he came to me and in slow measure; he removed my garments, one by one.  Against my skin, his hands moved with the light grace of a ballet dancer and with the softness of fluffy clouds in a rich blue sky.  I gloried in his touch, so sweet and yet sensual and it kindled my desire.  I unsnapped his shirt and pulled it from his broad shoulders, tossing it to the floor with careless abandon.  He wore nothing beneath it so my fingers unzipped his jeans, tugged them down to reveal nothing but Will Brennan.

            He stroked my skin with that same gossamer touch and I felt the prickling delight spread across my skin until I ached with almost unbearable pleasure.   I wanted to give him the same so I knelt before him and took his manhood into my mouth.   As I suckled him like a Popsicle on a summer’s day, I let my tongue tease his cock.   I felt him grow both longer and harder as I used my mouth to rouse his passion, his pleasure becoming my pleasure too.   His hands grasped gentle into my hair as he held me steady as I mouthed him.

            When I felt the first fine tremor shoot through his body, I released him.  Will scooped me into his arms and carried me the few steps to the bed.   He put me down and then he covered me with his body, entering me at the same time.  I jumped at entry, my body rising upward to meet his, greedy and needy at the same time.   As he pumped his power, his essence into me, I strained against him, giving him the friction he needed to hit that full stride of ultimate pleasure.

              His hoarse outcry of triumph resonated through me even as my own moan joined it as we made music together, joined as one.   Still connected, we settled into a tangled mess of covers before separating so that we could rest, in harmony and filled with the overwhelming power of love.

            As I drifted out of consciousness, I let one hand stray so that it touched him because I needed that physical confirmation of his presence while I endured the dreamless day.  

            With the combined blessings of faux sunshine and genuine lovemaking, I felt very good and happy as dawn devoured the night and I went to my rest.

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  1. Hi Lee Ann - Just "hopping" by to wish you a very naughty blog hop weekend! Your newest novel sounds great, much luck! ~S

  2. Thanks for the excerpt. Happy anniversary to NNP!
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