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Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things Readers Will Find In Upcoming Books

It's a long story but there was a period in my childhood when I dreaded Thursday and it was my least favorite day of the week.  But that's in the distant past and now I see Thursday as the gateway to Friday.  Maybe I've been possessed by the spirit of Pollyanna with such positive thinking but there it is.

My Thursday Thirteen today are things my readers will find in upcoming books so let's begin....

One: Connor Donavan

In my next release (February 3 from Rebel Ink), A Patient Heart, there's Connor Donavan, a very sexy hero who walked out of my heroine's life and broke her heart.  But he returns, unexpectedly, as her patient in a hospital far from their hometown and sparks ignite as Catherine realizes he never stopped loving her. 

Two: The Speakman Fruit Farm, Neosho, Missouri
In In Love's Own Time, another February release from Rebel Ink Press (Feb 17) I take a little bit of real history including the old fruit farm once located where my small town suburb subdivision stands, toss in some personal history from the old house where I once lived, stir the pot with the house built on a year's worth of strawberry profits, a ghost, and some time travel.  It's a different kind of story but I think (hope!) readers will like this one with Lillian and Howard.

Three and Four: Tulsa, Oklahoma and St. Joseph, Missouri
Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of my favorite cities.  I like to spend a little downtime in Tulsa when I can and maybe it shows in Miss Good Samaritan.  Coming out April 3 from Rebel Ink Press, Miss Good Samaritan is a very sweet romance (meaning no erotic romps in this one, kids - I write what the muse sends, okay?)...but packed with a lot of drama.  I mean imagine a normal Saturday for Tulsa librarian Robin Cavanaugh spinning out of control when a wounded man dressed in punk style leathers leaps into her car at a traffic light.  The plot thickens when she realizes she knows him and he swears he's innocent.    Within the novel they take a little trip to Gray Holcomb's hometown which just happens to be mine - St. Joseph, Missouri.

Five: Elvis
Do you like Elvis? I do and it comes across in my novella coming in May from Champagne Books.  In Long Live The King, a Delta girl works as a professional escort in Las Vegas and hates what her life's become.  She grew on Elvis' music and one night in a wicked thunderstorm she walks into a coffee shop and into 1956.  And the first person she meets is a young Elvis....and an alternate reality begins.

Six: Ross Ramsay

Remember Reid Ramsay, hero of my first Rebel Ink Press release Love Never Fails? His brother Ross was just too good to leave alone so he's the hero in a short piece for the upcoming Rebel Ink Press Father's Day anthology in my story titled "Three of Hearts".

Seven: The Roaring Twenties

As someone who studied both history and language, the 1920's have long been one of my favorite decades.  I also grew up listening to my grandparents' stories about the period so when Guy's Angel debuts on June 3 from Rebel Ink Press, the setting is the 1920's in my home town and in my family's old neighborhood.  It's not the same part of the neighborhood where I grew up but familiar enough in family legend and from the old folks who still lived in the area during my childhood I claim it in my heart. 

Eight: World War II

Another period I found fascinating was World War II.  One of my grandfathers served in the Army in the Pacific Theater during the war and several of my uncles.  In my living room I have a picture of a handsome young man, Neal Snapp, in his suntan khaki uniform.  He was my grandmother's cousin and he died on the slopes of an Italian mountain on January 6 1944 during the Battle of Monte Casino.

My story, with the release date TBA and cover art not yet available, is set in the small town where I now live.  Neosho happens to be the place where Camp Crowder changed local history when a major signal corps Army training camp opened in December 1941.  My heroine, Bette Sullivan, meets a handsome young soldier from Brooklyn, Benny Levy, and their love grows In The Shadow of War, the title of my upcoming World War II era historical.  No cover yet so I'll offer a period picture instead.

Nine: Lake Taneycomo

I just finished this novel and haven't even submitted it yet but I have every hope readers will one day hold it in their hands.  Heart of the Ozarks is set at an old resort on what Branson area locals call "the quiet side of Taneycomo".  These old resorts are fast fading away in the 21st century and this love story is set at a fictional one, Lake Dreams.

Ten:  More Will Brennan and Cara Riley

When book four of my popular paranormal Love Covenant series comes out soon, fans of my sexy Irish vampire and his Texas lady Cara will get a new dose of the pair as this time their happily undead after is threatened by an older, more powerful vampire named Henri.  Love Shadows is coming soon from Evernight Publishing.

Eleven:  The Bogside in Derry (also called Londonderry but not by me)

It's a reprise because my story Forty Eight Hours A Year which previously appeared in Jack-O-Spec from Raven Electrick Press will be out again in Spec-Tacular: Best of Spec very soon.

Twelve: Seamus Brennan

I'm putting the cart before the horse with this because it's not written yet although I've begun Love Echoes, planned book five in the Love Covenant series and this one will focus on Will's brother Seamus' love for a young human woman.  Seamus is almost as delicious as Will!

Thirteen:  Ideas

Some of the storylines and ideas I'm simmering for upcoming books include a modern day sin eater, a sexy carpenter who restores old homes, a heroine who's been the victim of domestic abuse (not by the hero of course), another 1950's historical set in Shreveport, LA focusing on the Louisiana Hayride, my Native America story Spirit Warrior based on the legend of Deer Woman, another about Thunder Beings, Jeton my Forest Dance based on an Albanian legend and more.

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  1. You have lots to look forward to. May the muse stay with you. Happy T13!


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