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Shameless, Sexy, Stunning, And So Much More

Welcome to another stop on the Shameless Giveaway Hop!  We're here all week from January 20 through the 27th with shameless promotion, sexy guys, and stunning excerpts.  It's your choice to win too!  A big thanks to the hosts who put this thing together - Jen at Red Hot Books, Brie at Romance Around the Corner & Michelle at Michelle's Book Blog. 

 - I'm offering up a full PDF set of the first three Love Covenant paranormal romance books from Evernight Publishing - Love Tattoo, Love Scars, Love Knots....

- I'm also offering a PDF copy of my time travel romance, A Time To Love from Champagne Books

- And...drum roll please - I'm offering up one winner's choice of ANY of my ebook titles from any of the publishers so someone will get their choice from the full selection - which can be found right here:

All you need to do to win is leave a comment - and this is VERY IMPORTANT - be sure to include your e-mail addy so if you win, I can get in touch!  I'll be giving it any to any winner from the US, Canada, or come on, leave your comments!

Now here's another important piece of business - use this link to follow the hop to all the other participants to increase your chance to win!

Now how about a couple of's a shameless one from the upcoming, soon to be released fourth book in my Love Covenant series, Love Shadows:
               He knew what I desired and he put me on my feet so that we stood, face to face.  Will reached behind, caressing me even as he undid the zipper and let the dress, with his help, fall to the floor into a dark puddle.  I wore no bra with it and he reached to remove the scrap of panties that I wore, sliding them away.   Somehow he’d undressed too, his pale body glistening in the lamp light, beautiful as the full moon to me, as lovely as the stars.   My hands found his body and explored it, moving over that now familiar territory with right and need.
               “You are so beautiful, mo anam cara,” he breathed in a low voice.  Then Will touched my hair, found the pins and combs that held the curls in place.  He pulled them, one by one, with his fingers.  As my hair tumbled free, wanton over my shoulders, he buried his face in it for a few seconds and then he shifted to my bare breasts, free now from all restraint.   His burning lips kissed me there and then he suckled one hard, rose pink nipple, then the other until my legs trembled.
               I couldn’t stand much longer as desire made me weak so I clung to him, my nails raking across his skin to gain a hold so I wouldn’t sink to the floor, as shapeless as a shadow.  I used my fingertips to make his nipples grow taut and then I put my lips to one of them, sucking and licking.  I could feel the tremors of his response and I worked at it harder, shifting from one to the other.   I let my hands roam over his body, running down his sides to his thighs and then to touch with just one hand, his proud and erect cock.
               Will groaned, making an animal sound of pleasure that bordered on pain.  If he needed release as much as I did, he ached with need.  I heard my own whimpers but far distant, my focus on the amazing delights playing across my body and he dropped to his knees so he could kiss me in that most intimate spot.  His mouth felt cool now against the volcanic heat of my vagina and when his tongue darted within my folds, I made noise without words.   
                 My hand caught his cock and caressed his, squeezing it tight in my fist until he backed me up against an oversized, overstuffed armchair and pinned me there.  With my legs spread wide for entry, he landed and entered me, his hard fullness cramming into that space until it could hold nothing more.  I savored that tightness, that immense totality.
               Then he moved, shifted to that in addition to that unity, the ultimate pleasure expanded until it consumed me, filled me, and took me to bliss.   I soared with it, rode it as he worked me like a threaded needle stitching cloth, and bucked against him until he caught the wave of delight.
               We rode it together, clamoring for more with words and with nothing but inarticulate sound. 

 Or how about this one from my first Rebel Ink Press release from 2011, Love Never Fails:
“I have a craving.”
            “What is it?  Pizza, Mexican, or Chinese?”
            “It’s you,” Caroline said and grabbed him by the collar.  With his face caught between her hands, she kissed him with all the need she'd held back for days. “Let’s go home.”
 His lips devoured hers, his hands claimed her and his eyes kindled with the same wild desire that ran through her like lighting through storm clouds.
            “Whatever you want, baby.”
            Once they reached his apartment, he tossed his keys onto the table and turned to her.  She met him halfway there, hands seeking him.  Her fingers combed through his hair, twirling his curls against as his mouth latched onto hers with force.   Her hands dropped to pull his shirt over his head and then she raked her nails down his back, tantalizing his warm flesh.   Reid moaned with pleasure, his lips fastened to hers, as his hands roamed down her body, fondling at a furious pace.

            Caroline freed her mouth and brought it down to suckle one of his nipples.  He shivered with pleasure as she began to nibble tiny love bites across his chest.   His hands stripped down her blue jeans and her bikini underwear slid down with them.    Reid touched her in that feminine fold and she gasped with delight.  
            She hungered for him, needed him to feel complete.  Caroline indulged, her body hot
 and her thoughts wicked sweet.   He must feel the same because he devoured her, ate her up with his eyes and consumed her with his mouth and hands.    All the stored tensions
 melted, ebbing away so their pleasure could climb to new heights.
            Some time, somewhere in the process, they made it to the bedroom where Reid ravished her, taking her with his body and whispering delicious words of love.    Time ceased to matter and Caroline thought of nothing but Reid and the intimate pleasures that rocked her higher and higher until it was too great to hold and she climaxed, releasing it all in a wild burst of joy that Reid shared.

            Sated and sweaty, she lay back-- lips bruised, body tender, and totally happy.
            “Now I’m hungry,” Reid whispered.
            “I’m starving.”
            Caroline was hungry but she basked in the somnolent warmth that lingered, reluctant to get up and dress.   If she could, she'd stay here forever, savoring this enchanted cocoon they built. But that was impossible.  Reality reared up, intruding into their space and she knew they had to get up.
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