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From Broadcasting To Books - And Who's The Boss

            Once upon a time and what seems like a long time ago I worked in broadcast radio.   Radio is far more forgiving than television as a broadcast medium because no one can see you.  No need to put on preppy clothes to deliver the news – just slide into the chair behind the microphone and go live.   If your hair isn’t combed or you hit that seat about fifteen seconds until air time, no one gives a rat’s fart.   As long as you sound professional, even the big boss types don’t care.  What happens before and after the red “LIVE ON THE AIR” light illuminates is anybody’s guess and at the stations where I worked, almost anything could happen and it did.

            Yet as long as the illusion that went out over the airwaves sounded professional, listeners never knew what happened behind the scenes.   They heard what we wanted them to hear and no more.  We conjured up an image and they bought it.

            Writing is a lot like that.  

            I write romance in just about every flavor that exists from the sweet to the erotic.   Some of my fiction is paranormal which means that I not only tell a story but that I have to suspend belief and make the impossible seem plausible.   That can be fun or that can be tough.   It all depends on the day, I guess.

            In writing what has become an ongoing vampire series (the Love Covenant series) for Evernight Publishing – Love Tattoo, Love Scars, Love Knots and the upcoming Love Shadows  I weave a series of stories about a truck driving, cigarillo smoking, Shakespeare quoting Irish vampire named Will Brennan and his lady, Cara.   To spend eternity with Will, Miss Cara – she is from Texas after all – chose to become a creature of the night too.   Since the books are primarily told from her point of view in first person, with a few asides from Will, Cara has a lot of explaining to do as she adjusts to vampire life.

            Since vampire myths and lore are open season, I get to tweak and make up my own set of rules.   In doing the edits, my editor asked me to elaborate a little about how the vamps feed in my book.   That included both their frequent dining – which they do with a heavy emphasis on steak, red Moscato wine, and John Jameson’s fine Irish Whiskey and drinking blood.   I decided that while my vampires eat like humans, they do need blood to survive and so I thought I’d share a little excerpt about their feeding habits from Cara:


 His inherent charm lulled the victims – or donors

– so that they never know what hits them. I guess everything freeze

frames for them and that’s not so bad.

While Will took what he needed, I approached the other and

with the same speed – vampires can move way faster than I ever

imagined – I latched onto the second young man and drew blood. I

still felt more than a little clumsy at this but it worked and I got what I

needed. I felt that little rush that comes after feeding and Will nodded

his approval. We were finished. Feeding on donors is something I had

to get used to doing. You always read in most of the vampire novels

and see it in the movies that drinking blood is erotic. It is and then it

isn’t. I still like full-blown sex with my man more than anything else

and feeding comes in a far distant second or even third. There is a

moment, though, of such titillation as that human lifeblood flows into

your veins, energizing and nurturing that gives me a wild rush, a mini

orgasm of sorts.

I like that part fine although it took some getting used to for

me. What I don’t like is that moment reminds me of sex with a total

stranger. Afterward, I feel almost like I used them or I got down and

dirty with someone I knew for less than five minutes in the backroom

of a convenience store somewhere. When I tried to explain that to

Will, he didn’t really get it but then this is just ordinary, everyday

stuff to him. He’s done it for hundreds of years, after all.

It doesn’t matter much if the donor is a man or a woman; the

reaction is the same to me.

I’m not one to care who loves who or give a flip about gender.

If two adults are happy, then I’m happy for them. But when I never

got a sexual rush from another woman so the first time I fed on one

and did, well, it took a little getting used to for me.

Does it work? I hope so.  The one thing I notice about readers is that they either totally get the Will Brennan books – or not. 

For more details about the Love Covenant series or any of my other multiple titles (they’re mot all paranormal) come by my Amazon Author page here:

I love what I do for a living now and it’s a lot like my old broadcast days except the sole boss is me and the illusions that I weave are all mine.

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