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Songs and Seduction: It's The Season

It's the season.  Salvation Army bell ringers stand outside local shops and stores.  Christmas lights twinkle on roofs and houses, Christmas trees can be glimpsed through front windows, the music of the season can be found on the radio and people sport their holiday sweatshirts, jewelry, and more.

With my first Christmas novel release out and selling in the wide world, readers are getting to know Jessica Martin Devereaux and her husband Johnny.  They're reading about her love of Christmas and how she digs deep into her heart to find love, faith, and hope even in the face of despair.  I'm already planning a new Christmas novel for next year, to be titled "What Child Is This" but in the meantime, check out my first Christmas release from Rebel Ink Press, Sing We Now of Christmas.

Another Christmas offering including my work is the just released Stockings and Suspenders anthology from Evernight Publishing.  Ten talented authors work their own style magic in the stories that capture both the flavor of the season and offer up a sensual delight.  My story included in the collection is A Letter To Santa and Elise offers the man who comes to her door on Christmas Eve every gift she can pull out of the sex bag.  Here's the amazing cover:

Today I'm giving away a PDF copy of each - the anthology and my Christmas novel from Rebel Ink so leave your comments and be sure to include an email address so if you're the winner, I can send the PDF your way!  If you have a preference, be sure to mention that too in your comment!

It's the season - and amid all the whirl of activities, the hustle and bustle, the celebrations and the decorations, it's a good time to just settle down with a good read.

Here are two great choices....and your chance to win one of them from me!

Just so you have a taste of what you'll read, here are two excerpts, one from each, one sensual, one sweet (but don't worry, both works have their moments!!)

From A Letter To Santa:

            “In there,” she gasped. In the small house, it should be obvious but if his desire confused his other senses as much it did hers, he might be lost. He carried her into the bedroom, lips tantalizing her mouth with more kisses and put her on the bed. In one single, swift motion he stripped the red gown from her, revealing her nude body and then he began to remove his clothes. Nicholas stepped out of the jeans, abandoned them and she smiled to see that he was bare beneath them. He stripped out of the shirt, tossing it down and she reached for him, needy and fevered with desire.  Her pussy radiated heat and grew wet, ready and wanting, needing his hard cock to deliver the release she sought.
            . His nude body, lean and hard, covered hers as heat flickered between them. Elise burned with the fever of unbridled desire and she felt the flame that burned his skin hot against hers. He lay over her, one knee on either side of her legs and devoured her with his mouth. His kiss came hard, a powerful one that sucked her breath and addled her senses. At the same time, his hands, large and yet tender, moved over her body. He touched her everywhere, shoulders, breasts, belly, legs, running his hands across her skin as if he were blind and touch offered sight. His hands evoked a wicked, delightful sensation she adored.
            In return, Elise grasped his shoulders and then let her own hands stroke his back. That broad expanse tightened with power and she, on impulse, raked her manicured nails over his skin with more force than a back scratch yet not enough to draw blood. His wordless grunt of pleasure inspired her to do more so she nibbled at his shoulder, her mouth first gentle and then harsh. She suckled at his skin so that she’d leave a bruise, a love mark, and then used her teeth to needle his flesh. His response shuddered through him and she knew that he liked it.
            Nicholas took her hands and held them so that he could do his will. He lowered his mouth to her chest, just above her breasts and gnawed at her skin with the same abandon she used. He nibbled and used his mouth until she knew that he would mark her, all dark and purple with love. She all but purred in response and when he shifted downward, doing the same, her tiny sounds grew with her desire.
            She ached for him to take her now with a harsh thrust and yet she savored the slow foreplay, delighting in the way it made her crazy for more.

And from Sing We Now of Christmas:

Sing We Now of Christmas Excerpt #1 (Sweet)
                 “How did you know that’s what I was thinking?”
                “I know you,” he said, “I don’t know how but I know you, inside.  I may not know yet what your favorite color is,”
                “Or what season you love the most,”
                “Christmas,” she supplied and he grinned.
                “Or if you are seeing someone,”
                Jessica smiled at him, feeling a rush of affection for him.  “I am now.”    
                Johnny understood; she watched the knowledge of it soften his features and curl his lips into a sweet smile.  “Darlin’, you’re my woman, just like that.  I never saw it coming but now that you’re here, I’m glad.  I’ve wanted someone like you in my life for so long but I never knew your name or what you looked like.  I always kind of figured that my heart would recognize you when you showed up.”
                 “Did it?” Her voice sounded normal with no hint of the tears that ached within at his tender words.
                  He released her hands to put his right one in the center of his chest, over his heart.
                “Oh, yeah, Jessica Martin, it totally did.”
                  No guy ever said such romantic things to her.  His words weren’t flowery or fancy but delivered in that Oklahoma twang; she savored each one and filed it away in memory to keep forever.   Before she could think up something to say back, the waitress brought their food and he took her hands in his again, this time to ask a blessing.
                After that, hungry, they ate. First, they had the homemade soup, perfect for the cold winter’s night, then they enjoyed the rest of the meal.  Although the food was tasty, the burger juicy, the bacon crisp, and fries just right, Jessica could have dined on oatmeal and been just as happy.   They never stopped talking, their pauses timed to accommodate the other’s answers and by the time they headed back out into the snow-filled night, they both knew the basic life history of the other.
                And more important than that they knew how much they loved each other, for now and for always.

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  1. These both sound like great reads, Lee Ann! Merry Christmas!


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