Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sexy, Santa, Sunday, And So Much More Today! Come On Over!

In my family, we do actually hang our stockings each Christmas Eve and wait for Santa to fill them with goodies.  As a little girl living in a big old Victorian brick home, we did hang them from the most ornate mantlepiece we had with all the hopes and dreams of kids at Christmas.       This year, the Stuff Your Stockings Christmas Blog Hop is offering up more prizes than any stocking ever yielded for me so move over Santa!

Here's the link to the main blog with more than the $450+ In Gift Cards to Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Other Publisher Sites / 150+ In Ebooks of all heat levels / Jewlery, Gift Baskets, Christmas Ornaments, and all kinds of goodies!
Each holiday season I'm always possessed by a gift giving frenzy.  On Christmas Eve I'm always tempted to rush out to buy more gifts for my near and dear (and sometimes I do) so I've got more giveaways in addition to just one ebook copy of my new Christmas release from Rebel Ink Press,
Sing We Now of Christmas and some special ornaments.
On this last day of this amazing blog journey, I'm adding a print copy of a Christmas anthology that includes my essay, the first major anthology I made it into, Classic Christmas: Heartwarming Tales of Christmas Cheer, two ebook copies of my literary (not romance) Christmas effort, a short called Pagan Feast, an additonal PDF copy of Sing We Now of Christmas, plus a PDF copy of the already best selling Christmas anthology, Stockings and Suspenders from Evernight Publishing which includes my hot tale, A Letter To Santa.  Plus I've got some calendars too.
Be sure to leave your comments and include an email address so I can get in touch if you win!
Here's a sizzling little scene from A Letter To Santa:

            Nicholas took her hands and held them so that he could do his will. He lowered his mouth to her chest, just above her breasts and gnawed at her skin with the same abandon she used. He nibbled and used his mouth until she knew that he would mark her, all dark and purple with love. She all but purred in response and when he shifted downward, doing the same, her tiny sounds grew with her desire.

            She ached for him to take her now with a harsh thrust and yet she savored the slow foreplay, delighting in the way it made her crazy for more. He left his marks on both her breasts and then dipped past her flat belly to her waiting pussy, wet and slick with need.

            Nicholas kissed her inner thighs and then he used his tongue to explore her cunt slow and measured, with a delicacy that shut down conscious thought. Elise knew nothing but the intensity of the physical sensations he delivered as his tongue reached inward, flicking and licking with skill. Her fingers caught in his long hair and held, seeking something solid to grasp as she shrieked with the sheer delight of the sensation.

            He brought her almost to the brink and then withdrew, leaving her needy and with a throbbing tension that hurt even as it delivered such exquisite pleasure. He raised himself on both elbows to kiss her, the taste of her own pussy on his lips and she moaned. She would have taken him into her mouth to pleasure him but he controlled this lovemaking and she submitted to it, letting him take charge.

            As her want grew more uncomfortable, the need for release threatening to split her in half, he entered her at last. Nicholas thrust into her with power, packed her full and sent her senses reeling. He worked in and out of her body, each time taking her closer to that zenith where everything would collide into utter pleasure. She rocked with him, her body lifting to meet his and they connected, hands linked together and held tight.

            When the moment came, they climaxed at the same time, their bodies intertwined into one and the intensity of that orgasm overwhelmed her. Sensuality consumed them Elise and she rode it down to earth, the bliss remaining as they lay, bodies still joined, sated and satisfied.

            Aftershocks quivered through her for several minutes following, little miniature orgasms that she enjoyed.
            “Lady, that was fantastic,” Nicholas whispered when he could speak again

And a shorter snippet from Sing We Now of Christmas:

                That first time, he took her there, still standing, entering her with a roughness she liked and filling her with his cock.   Jessica bent backward, balanced against the edge of the couch so he could go deeper and when he did, she cried out with the pleasure of it.   He came like a shot, fast and true, and they both shouted together in a wordless cry.  Legs wobbly, knees weak, she leaned against him for support and he snatched her up into his arms, took her to the bedroom.

                “More,” he whispered, “I need more.”

                She made no protest but writhed against him in need.  That undeniable flame roared again between them, older than time, sweeter than heaven, stronger than death and they coupled, coming together twice more before they lay, legs wrapped together, arms across one another, sated for now.
Now leave a comment and head on back....more than $450 worth of prizes are waiting to fill your stockings this holiday season!!


  1. Both books sound good. I would especially love the anthology to try some new authors.
    Merry Christmas!
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    Thank you for taking part in the Blog Hop & for your generous givaway. I would appreciate the opportunity for a chance to enter your contest.
    Take Care,
    Renee' S.

  6. Thank you for the great post and giveaway! Wishing you a merry christmas! Thank you!

  7. Thank you for the excerpts!

    Have a great holiday!

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