Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Stuff Your Stockings Christmas Blog Hop - the fun continues!

Did you hang your stockings by the cyber chimney with care? I hope so because the Stuff Your Stockings Christmas Blog Hop continues today with fun and prizes....the prize list includes $450+ In Gift Cards to Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Other Publisher Sites / 150+ In Ebooks of all heat levels / Jewlery, Gift Baskets, Christmas Ornaments, and all kinds of goodies with 184 authors its bound to be a good time!

I'm giving away a few extra prizes each today leave your comments here on A Page In The Life for extra chances to win some 2012 calendars, 2 PDF copies of Sing We Now of Christmas, one PDF copy of the new (and sizzling hot) best selling Christmas anthology from Evernight Publishing, Stockings and Suspenders which includes my story "A Letter To Santa", two eBooks of my other little Christmas related literary story, Pagan Feast, and two ornaments! 

My winners from Day one - a PDF copy of Sing We Now of Christmas with some special Christmas ornaments are:

Linda Henderson and Carrie Ann Ryan.  Emails will be heading out to you shortly and everyone else, stay tuned....lots more prizes on the way!

But don't stop here....hop on over and visit all the links for more prizes than I can count and Santa can fit into his sleigh.

Here's a taste from Sing We Now of Christmas:

                “Then come here, honey,” he said, “let me rock you to sleep.
                He sat up and then snagged her with his arms.  He cuddled her on his lap and began to kiss her with gusto.  Johnny tasted her with the same eager zeal she thought he would have for a good steak, the perfect hamburger or maybe a fine wine.   Her appetite equaled his and she returned his kisses.   Her arms locked around his neck to hold tight as his hands roamed, caressing her with both ardor and appreciation.
  When he gathered her up and carried her into the bedroom Jessica thought she would swoon with delight.  She loved it, adored being mastered and loved with such intensity.  He put her on the bed as her senses embraced all the sensual triggers around her, the rich aroma of gardenias, the delightful music that evoked emotion, the candlelit ambiance, and his touch against her skin.  Jessica gloried in it and surrendered.

                Any lingering restraint, old fears from previous relationships that went sour vanished in the total power of Johnny’s lovemaking.   As they fondled and caressed, kissed and touched, Jessica crossed the last boundary to the total certainty that this man was the love of her life, her significant other, forever.
                When they came together like a force of nature, on a grand scale like a cold and warm front intersecting, everything was right.   Their timing brought them home together on a slow, full rush of delight, a pleasure that enveloped and encompassed them both.  In those moments, that eternity that could never last long enough, they became one, united in a way that transcended any words, any laws, any binding.   Nothing could be more full or complete that this and with wonder, with joy, they both knew it well.
Pagan Feast:            And a taste from  Pagan Feast
(not a romance)

She did not call her mother, but when the phone rang, she picked it up. 

            “How are you?  And what’s all this about Christmas is some kind of forbidden holiday?  Noah sounded so strange this morning.”

            Eyes closed, Shelly sighed.  “I’m fine; I was fine last night.  The good Christians here don’t celebrate Christmas, Mom.  It’s a pagan festival to them, so forget about having us over for Christmas dinner.”

            Dinner at her parents had always been a lavish feast with ham and turkey.  Three generations of Haydens gathered to exchange gifts, visit and eat.  Until last night, Shelly had planned to go with Noah in tow. 

            “You’re kidding, right?  It must be a joke, but it’s not funny.  You have to come Christmas.”

            “It’s not a joke.”  Shelly kicked off her shoes and tucked her feet beneath her on the couch.  “Noah’s serious.  Brother Joe’s preached about Christmas, but I didn’t realize that everyone felt the same until last night.”

            “How can Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, be pagan?”  Like the siren on an emergency vehicle, her mother’s voice rose to a shrill alarm.

            “It’s not.  It isn’t,” Shelly said, “I know that, but Noah doesn’t agree.”

            “Well.  It’s the holiest day of the year, Shelly.  My God, think about Midnight Mass for Christ’s sake!  If that’s not holy, tell me what is!”
            A slight lisp and an increased huskiness in her mother’s voice indicated that she had been sipping on rum and Coke as she talked.  For a moment, Shelly longed for the sweet, powerful taste to fill her mouth
Come back tomorrow for more prizes, a different flavor from Sing We Now of Christmas and a sizzling hot erotic scene from A Letter To Santa, from Stockings And Suspenders.


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