Friday, December 30, 2011

On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone....well, sort of, not quite

Back in the day I loved a trippy little song from Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, "On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone".  It's so Seventies and retro but as most people who know me understand, retro music rocks my world.  This song is one of many my late daddy and I both enjoyed....he always joked I'd have my "poor old gray haired daddy driving my limosine."  And to be honest, since my dad was always one of my top supporters and believed in my writing skills long before I did, I think he'd been proud to do just that.

Now that my writing career has taken off in the last year, I've gained some little attention from various media in my home state of Missouri.  Yesterday, my smiling face graced not the cover of the Rolling Stone but the front page of my old hometown newspaper, The St. Joseph News-Press along with an article about my writing.   I liked it - PR is priceless - but it also made the day of a lot of relatives and old friends.   I like to imagine old classmates who haven't seen or heard of me in years picking up the paper to go "Say what? I know that bitch!"  

For my mother, St. Joe native to the core, being on the front page of the News-Press thrilled her more than if I did show up on the cover of The Rolling Stone or the New York Times or on David Letterman's show because to her St. Joe is the center of the known universe, social and culture center, and her Emerald City in Oz.

So for anyone who might not have seen my write up and for anyone who'd like to hear the song again (or maybe who hasn't ever heard it before) here are the links for both:

The song:

The story:

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