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K.T. BISHOP KRASHES IN - our guest today - sports author KT Bishop!

I'd like to welcome our guest today, romance author K.T. Bishop, known for his sports romances and  romance novels.  He writes for Rebel Ink Press along with some other publishers so we're going sit down and have a chat with KT about writing and more!

First, though a little cover love for both A Cajun Christmas and one of K.T.'s other novels, Getting The Boot

                                                 KT BISHOP KRASHES IN

A Page in The Life blog - Interview questions:

How long have you been a writer? 

K.T.: I'll celebrate my 20th year in 2012, as a newspaper reporter. Five year anniversary as an author comes up in 2012.

What do you like most about writing? And the least?

K.T.:  Having creative control of your words is the best thing about writing a book. You get to set the pace and it depends on you! The least thing I like is probably the edits, which can be a pain in the ass. I've worked with two different publishers, and their editors are different.

Did you dream of growing up to be a writer or did it just happen?

K.T.:  Writing just came naturally to me.

Tell us about your latest or coming soon book(s). What inspired it?

K.T.:  A Cajun Christmas was released the first of December at Rebel Ink Press! The first book in the Cajun Heat series is about a New Orleans woman trying to find herself after a devastating Hurricane hit the city and killed her job.

Was there a lot of research involved in creating this book?

K.T.: Not really, I covered the NBA and knew about its history of teams relocating. I've lived through Hurricane Katrina and Ivan, that was also something very familiar to me.

How much time did it take from writing your first book to having it published?

K.T.:  Having gone through the storms made for a simple transition.

Do you work on one project at a time? Or do you multi-task?

K.T.:  I can't work on two books at a time. Only unless I finish one and start on the other. I love to concentrate on one book at a time.

When not writing, how do you relax?

K.T.:  Watching football games and taking long, hot baths....

Please tell us what you've got coming up and what you may be working on in the future?

K.T.:  I have holiday books at Rebel Ink Press for Valentine's Day (Careless Hearts), Memorial Day (Classified Love) and Father's Day (Love Walks in).

Is there a romance book you want to write?

K.T.:  An interesting question. I've stuck with mostly sports romances, but the entertainment world is also intriguing to me. I've done a few of those kinds of stories and want to do more in the near future!

Where can we find you on the ‘net?

Here's the blurb  for A Cajun Christmas

Published By: Rebel Ink Press LLC
Published: Dec 02, 2011
ISBN # RIP0001091
Word Count: 11,500
The shrieking sound of the howling wind rang loudly in Madison Snow's ears as the Hurricane Denise ravaged the New Orleans. Tin peeled off the roofs of buildings and houses were crushed under 150 mile per hour winds. Madison Snow had the opportunity to leave her hometown, but she chose to ride out the storm. She and her French poodle, Cari, decided to stay because Madison thought the storm would only do minimal damage.

Madison was wrong. Denise crushed New Orleans as if someone dropped a bomb on the Port City

Here's an excerpt from A Cajun Christmas:

Team officials called the media and scheduled a press conference for two p.m. that afternoon. A heavy contingent of TV cameramen and reporters filled the facility within an hour.

Gunner stared into the TV cameras outside the conference room and offered a statement before team officials officially started the media gathering. “The NBA has decided it's best to take the Hornets out of New Orleans. The reason is lack of corporate sponsorship and no suitable ownership in the Re-gion. This is a business decision, folks. That's all.”

He declined questions, walked away and called Fletcher in an elevator. “Sorry for the way I acted in-side. Just don't like anyone questioning my manhood.”

Fletcher accepted his apology. “That's okay. It got a little testy.”

As Gunner headed out the door, he unexpectedly bumped into a woman. “Excuse me, I'm so sorry.” When Gunner pulled the female up with his right hand, he stared into her eyes and his breath caught as he gazed at her. “Again, I 'm sorry.”

Curse words fell from Madison's lips over the huge stains on her light blue skirt. “I can't fucking be-lieve it. I run into Mr. Clumsy.” A smile swelled across her face when she apparently recognized him. “Oh, you're that guy from the NBA, Mr. Gun.”

Gunner smiled and his cock swelled over the beautiful woman. “Actually, it's Gunner Banks and I do work with the NBA.”

“I'm Madison Snow. What brings you here?”

“The NBA's taking the Hornets out of here.”

Gunner felt a twinge of disdain from Madison, who read him the riot act. “Isn't life wonderful?” she screamed. “We've been wiped out by a hurricane and now the Hornets are gone.”

Her words swam inside his head. “This team was living on borrowed time. The city was struggling before Denise.”

“Rich people make me sick.” Madison stuck out her right hand and headed into the office as a shiv-er of warmness traced its way up to Gunner's spine and he found he couldn't look away.

Gunner caught Madison glancing at his ass in the glass doors. His ego grew as big as a third world country. “Damn, I have a way with the ladies.” He was attracted to her good looks. “I wouldn't mind having a piece of that.”

 I'm pleased to share the interview with my fellow author K.T. Bishop today -
       K.T.:   I thank you for having me over, Lee Ann!

It was my pleasure!

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  1. Very unusual blurb for this book KT- I had to read it a second time- good luck with sales


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