Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kansas City Star - Not Quite What I Are!

Since I grew up practically at Kansas City's back door, in historic St. Joseph, Missouri watching Kansas City television stations like WDAF and more, I thought about this old Roger Miller song yesterday - Kansas City Star.  Although my eclectic music tastes run to vintage rock and roll I like some country and because my parents owned most of Miller's albums back in the day, I grew up listening to this so I can claim a few favorites among his tunes.

My day began as normal as it gets around here and I planned on a usual day of writing, promoting, and the like.  I got my kids into shape and out the door onto the school bus despite a recent conflict of mammoth porportions involving their bus mates and came home, poured up another cup of coffee and opened up the file on my new WIP, "Weather Signs".

I checked my Facebook page, noticed a private message - which happens a lot everyday so I opened it and found a request from a reporter at the local (well regional) ABC Affiliate out of Joplin, Missouri asking to do a story about my Christmas book release.   He gave me his cell number, said he really hoped I'd phone him so I did.

An hour and a half later after a whirlwhind cleaning job (mostly removing my son's multitude of junk from my living room) I sat down with Eric Crosswhite and he did an interview about Sing We Now of Christmas.  I enjoyed it and the piece ran last night on KODE 12 at both six and ten p.m.  It's not my first televison interview but I love the exposure and I've already gained a lot of comments.

Hopefully that will translate into some increased sales but who knows.

So I'm a 'star' if only for the five minutes of fame while it lasts.  And since I live in southwest Missouri, the opposite end of the state from Kansas City, I'm not quite a Kansas City Star but the cute song came to mind so I thought I'd share.

Oh, and here's the to the brief interview if anyone wants to watch:

And since Sing We Now of Christmas released early, about an hour after the reporter did the interview here are some links where readers can find it:

Buy Links:

And the deets

Sing We Now of Christmas

Rebel Ink Press December 2, 2011

Contemporary romance/Christmas/mainstream

ISBN# RIP0001093

Word Count: 44, 300

122 pages

$5.99 ebook
Author: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy


When Jessica Martin met Johnny Devereaux that December, holiday magic filled the air but their love was no enchantment….he was, without doubt the love of her life and by summer, they were happy newlyweds with all their life and holidays ahead.

But when he failed to return home from a fishing trip on the Fourth of July, Jessica’s world is rocked to the foundation and when the authorities tell her that her husband is missing, presumed dead, she refuses to believe it.

As the months and seasons pass, no one else holds out hope but Jessica believes.

She knows he’ll be home for Christmas no matter what.  Her family calls her crazy, Johnny’s family tries to help her find closure but Jessica’s heart refuses to surrender hope.

When Christmas comes, the truth will come out to shock them all.

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