Monday, December 5, 2011

Here, There, All Around The 'Net

It's the first Monday in December....things are starting to look a lot like Christmas at my house.  We spent a big chunk of yesterday decorating inside and out.  So now the Christmas tree is up, the smaller trees are too, and by night my front lawn turns into a winter wonderland.  And I even have my Hannukah candles ready.  Yes, we celebrate both since I come from a rich heritage.

Today, however, I'm all around the 'net and I think there will be more as the day process.   First, I'm up at Rebel Reasoning, the place where Rebel writers share their thoughts and more talking about Christmas magic:

I'm also guesting over at Siobhan Kinkaid's place:

And although we're reversing back to Halloween, the review for Evernight Publishing's Midnight Seduction anthology is up at The TBR Pile with a four star review overall and an individual bit on each story.  Here's mine - let's just I feel honored they liked my story this much!
 Salem by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Amelia knows the instant that she sees him that he will mean something to her. That he will change her life. She just isn’t sure if this life altering connection will be good or bad. She begins to start remembering her past life with him but it’s not fast enough to know if she can trust him in this life. The author packed what amounts to a book into a short story. I still don’t know how she managed to make it seem so long. It felt as though it walked right
off the pages and began to play as though a movie. I became entranced in the world that she created and could easily feel Amelia’s frustration as she waited but she didn’t know what she waited for. I fell in love with Nat right along with Amelia, He is such a contradiction, he exudes large amounts of confidence and yet with Amelia he is heartbreakingly eager. I don’t have one complaint, this was a joy to read.

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