Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! 2012 Is Here!

It's here - the long awaited 2012, a year long made mysterious with speculation and hints of possible end of the world disaster from an ancient prophecy.  Since I refuse to buy into any and all "end of the world" predictions, it's never bothered me in the least despite all the hoopla, the movie and mayhem.  Last I heard, however, I think someone decided the prediction may not have been translated correctly anyway so the Mayans or whoever could have been wrong.

Who cares? As I told one of my daughters when she came home from school a couple of years ago worked up about the idea the world could end in 2012, I told her I didn't believe it but if it happened, I couldn't stop it or change it so why worry about it?

So I'm looking forward, not backward, ahead into a new year filled with potential and promise.  I'm excited about the things which may happen....last year I had one book out (Wolfe's Lady) and one more (Kinfolk) under contract when the calendar changed over.   This year, I've got nine out, contracts for six more, and three more in progress.  That's not counting the anthologies and other works so I'm elated and excited.

As Shakespeare once wrote, there are more things in heaven and earth....and so this is a beginning.

Happy new years to one and all.  May your dreams be bright and come true.  May your hope remain afloat in the most turbulent times and may your light shine even in darkness.

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